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Riddle really wants to know where Randy Orton is

This week marked the third straight Raw without a Randy Orton appearance, and my colleague Cain A. Knight isn’t the only one asking where the Viper is.

It actually would have been weird if he did show up for the final ThunderDome episode last night (July 12), since it was actually taped last week. But that didn’t stop speculation, including in-story from the guy Orton’s been partnered up with of late, Riddle.

He was really hoping Randy would be on Raw...

... and when he wasn’t, he was scheming up how he’d surprise him with his plans for them and the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Bro took his concern to Raw Talk, where after he got the foot Miz ran over with his wheelchair elevated per doctor’s orders, he explained how he’s been trying to track his RK-Bro teammate down:

“Dude, I’ve been calling his voicemail, and all I’ve been getting is voicemail. But now his mailbox is full... I’ve been texting him. No response. Leaves me on ‘Read’.”

Bro explained to R-Truth he doesn’t have a beeper, and when Kevin Patrick suggested checking Orton’s Instagram, he said he’s “not a creeper like that.”

“I want to give him space, but at the same time I’m concerned, you know? So I hit up the Tampa Police Department. I was like, ‘Hey bros, I want to file a missing persons report. My bro Randy Orton is missing.’ They go, ‘Okay, sir, what’s your name?’ I go, ‘Riddle, the Original Bro.’

“They go, ‘Your last name’s Riddle.’ I go, ‘Yes.’ ‘Well his last name’s Orton, you guys aren’t brothers.’ I’m like, ‘No, we’re bros. We’re not blood bros.’ So I wasn’t able to file the thing, so now I’m kind of in limbo just waiting - dreaming. All I want, all I want is Randy Orton back in my life.”

Riddle continued to plead with Orton on Twitter this morning:

Should we expect The Viper to strike Sunday at Money in the Bank? Will he be there to help Riddle win the briefcase, or maybe get in the way since Bro wasn’t able to secure a spot for his beloved Raaandy?

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