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So that’s why Jinder started showing up on a motorcycle...

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Having solved the mystery of Drew McIntyre’s rambling, fantastical promos, we turn our attention to his old bandmate and current rival, Jinder Mahal.

On the July 5 episode of Raw, the former WWE champion came rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ into ThunderDome like the best version of Undertaker.

We’ve never known the Modern Day Maharajah to be a motorcycle enthusiast before. But as an affluent heel, it makes sense he would appreciates something like a custom bike. WWE’s done stranger (and lamer) things to characters before.

As part of their pre-Money in the Bank program, Mahal stole McIntyre’s sword. In retaliation, last night Drew destroyed Jinder’s motorcycle.

Seems like a way to give the King of Claymore Country something to do, and make sure he heads into this Sunday’s ladder match hot - right?

It is. But it almost certainly has a little something to do with this offering from Mattel and WWE...

WWE Shop

There’s no way the detailing is a coincidence, and this toy’s been in design & production for a while. Nothing like a marketing-driven angle, amirite?

In all fairness, it did serve pro wrestling narrative purposes. And it certainly wasn’t any worse than the last time WWE did this, when Braun Strowman destroyed the car SNL’s Colin Jost gave him ahead of WrestleMania 35.

Corporate synergy, y’all.

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