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WWE NXT results, live blog (July 13, 2021): Karrion Kross vs. Johnny Gargano

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: Karrion Kross defends his NXT title against Johnny Gargano - with Samoa Joe as the referee! Plus, the start of the Breakout Tournament, Sarray vs. Gigi Dolin, all the fallout from Great American Bash, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


It’s Tuesday night and you know what time it is. Let’s get to it! We open with a graphic paying tribute to the late “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. After that we get a video package with highlights of Great American Bash last week and a preview of what’s to come tonight. Let’s get right to our opening match!

Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai

Moon comes out first by herself, while Kai comes out with González, the NXT women’s title around her waist. The NeXTras are booing them both. The ref calls for the bell and we’re quickly underway. The two ladies talk trash before their first tie up. Moon drags Kai to the ground but Kai rolls to her feet. Moon switches to a side headlock but Kai muscles her way out and puts on one of her own. Moon shoots her into the ropes and Kai rebounds with a shoulder tackle. Moon responds with a pair of arm drags and a knee to Kai’s head, causing the latter to scream in pain as González looks on. Kai finally escapes and throws Moon down on her head for a one count. Moon is whipped into the turnbuckle and eats a flying knee for a two count. Moon crawls away in pain and Kai stomps on her back for another near fall. Kick to the head and another cover. Moon rolls away and Kai fluffs her pink hair. Moon goes for a roll up and gets two. Big boot to the face from Kai for the same. Kai tries to choke Moon out with her own arms. Moon starts to get up and is wrenched back down to the canvas. Moon stands up and arm drags her way free and gets a takedown into a near fall. Kai rolls outside to the plexiglass for a breather and Moon wipes her out with a suicide dive, but when she turns away Kai spears her into the apron. Moon recovers and gives Kai a running kick from the apron as we go to break.

Kai is pouring on a rapid fire series of kicks and gets another near fall as the camera zooms in on the ring. She clubs Moon in the head and paint brushes her with hands. Moon starts to get fired up but Kai boots her in the gut and hits a suplex. Moon responds with a kip up and a scream and gets on offense. Kick to the jaw, neck breaker, suplex, and another kip up. Springboard crossbody for two. Now it’s Moon’s turn to slap Kai in the head. Kai does a handstand to kick Moon and yanks Moon off the ropes hard, then charges for a running boot, then plants Moon for a 2 and 9/10th’s near fall. Moon writhes on her back in pain, and Kai goes to climb the ropes, but Moon cuts her off and gives her a head scissor for a near fall. Both women are down now. Moon gets up first and goes out to the apron. González distracts Moon just long enough for Kai to capitalize with a G2K for the pin.

The winner of this contest: Dakota Kai

The lights go down and Xia Li marches down to the ring, where González and Kai are waiting. Li walks right over to González and demands a title shot. González takes off the belt and says “You want this? You got it!” Li walks away. I don’t know when the match will take place but it appears that it has been made pending William Regal’s approval. We go to a video package of Malcolm Bivens earlier today, saying the Diamond Mine is open for business. Bivens makes an open challenge and Bobby Fish interrupts to accept. Roderick Strong: “After he’s done with you tonight, it’s over.” Fish: “You think so? We’ll see.” Commercial!

Ikemen Jiro promo when we come back. “Don’t let my good looks fool you. I’ll still kick your ass!” He also tells us that Ikemen means “handsome” in Japanese. “Ikemen will win the NXT Breakout Tournament.” Not bloody likely, but I wouldn’t mind if he did.

Cameron Grimes the butler

Mr. Grimes rings the doorbell at Knight’s mansion for his first day on the job. Knight tells him to meet him out back and slams the door. Knight forces him to get a haircut and a shave, and Knight thinks it’s embarrassing to look like a penguin in the suit, but Grimes is happy with his makeover and tells Knight he’s just jealous because he looks so good!

Tyler Rust vs. Bobby Fish

The bell rings and we’re immediately into the ropes. Rust has the advantage early and is hitting a whirlwind series of slams, chops, arm drags, stomps, forearms and chops. Kick to the spine fires Fish up and he does a takedown and a kick to the back of his own. Fish responds with a triangle but Fish gets back up for a kick to the groin and some hard forearms. Two kicks to the head and body knock Rust down. High back body drop follows. Fish suplexes Rust into the ropes right onto his head. Roderick Strong jumps on the apron for a distraction but Fish just knocks Rust right out of the ring. Fish dares Strong to get in, and Rust hits a chop block to the knee from behind and a buzz saw kick to the head for the pin. That was quick.

The winner of this contest: Tyler Rust

The Diamond Mine surround Fish in the ring, but KUSHIDA runs down to clear the ring and make the save. Strong continues to mouth off at both of them even as he backs off. “You’re on my time now!” We go backstage to Samoa Joe giving Karrion Kross the rules. “Protect yourself at all times. Obey my commands at all times. Do you understand sir? I said DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Kross: “I’m going to tell you what I understand. Screw me out of this match and you’re the one who will be dealt with.” Joe: “I’ll take that as a yes.” Commercial!

We see The Way arriving earlier, but Indi Hartwell is stopped for some friendly advice about Dexter Lumis courtesy of Beth Phoenix: “Sometimes in life, you just gotta take a chance.” On to our next match!

Gigi Dolin vs. Sarray

Sarray has Dolin in a headlock. Dolin shoots her off and drops down. Both women are suddenly distracted by the arrival of Mandy Rose. Dolin kicks Sarray in the back and blasts her with a forearm. Sarray grabs a handful of hair and slaps her, then gets a roll up for two, transitioning to a backward bridging chinlock. Sarray lets go but keeps kicking Dolin. Dolin goes for an inside cradle and gets a two. Dolin with another near fall. Dolin with a STO but Sarray gets up at one. Dropkick by Sarray. Sarray with a KO dropkick and a high angle suplex right onto Dolin’s neck for the three. Mandy Rose nods her head and walks away.

The winner of this contest: Sarray

Santos Escobar promo. “Swerve is a winner, but he’s very unlucky, because he’s got the one thing I wanted from Bronson Reed.” His Legado flunkies mock the Hit Row cypher. Escobar: “Speaking of no class, Dexter Lumis, he’s a loser — a loser in love, and in a few minutes, a loser in the ring. Let’s do this.”

Duke Hudson: “I’m not perfect, but I’ve got to be close. Straight from Adelaide, six foot five, 270 pounds, best back in the business. You can go ahead and call me the Breakout champion. The other seven won’t mind, they don’t have a chance of winning anyway.”

Dexter Lumis vs. Santos Escobar

Lumis enters first and slides around the ring on his knees, pulling himself around as his music plays. Wade Barrett: “I remember when he joined us on commentary and didn’t say a word. What a weirdo!” Escobar comes out flanked by Legado Del Fantasma. Lumis just stares at them. That’s normal though. Lumis just stares at people 99% of the time anyway. The ref calls for the bell and Lumis keeps on staring. Escobar walks over and kicks him in the knee and knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Lumis pops right back up and blocks a forearm with one hand, but the second one gets through. They both run the ropes and Lumis hits a takedown before pulling himself around the ring on his knees. Escobar gets creeped out by the creeper from the creep farm and tells both of his flunkies to get him! Meanwhile Lumis got under the ring and tries to pull Escobar under with him, forcing both members of Legado to pull him free of Lumis’ grasp. Commercial!

We’ve managed to get both men back into the ring during the break. Escobar pulls Lumis to his feet and pushes him into the corner for a pair of loud chops. He’s whipped to the opposite corner for double knees to the chest. Escobar sets him on the top rope for a kick to the head and climbs to the top for a head scissor and a pair of near falls. Escobar stomps away at Lumis and hits a dropkick to the noggin, badmouthing Lumis as he does so. Escobar grabs the front headlock and pushes Lumis to the corner for a knee to the body, then backs up for a pair of running clotheslines. Escobar grabs the trunks and does the Three Amigos... or two thirds of them anyway because Lumis blocks the third, but Escobar responds with a backbreaker. Lumis responds in kind with a clothesline and both men are down. Escobar gets back up first and now Lumis is throwing his trademark right hands. Clothesline and bulldog from Lumis. Escobar gets up and Lumis plants him to go for the Silencer, but Raul Mendoza drags Escobar out to save him. Lumis gives chase and Joaquin Wilde posts Lumis into the turnbuckle. Escobar hits the Phantom Driver for three.

The winner of this contest: Santos Escobar

Hit Row comes out to the ramp to confront Legado Del Fantasma for all the trash they were talking earlier. Top Dolla keeps saying “We’re here now. Do something.” Escobar and his flunkies take a walk as Hit Row laugh at them and mock them. Wade Barrett interviews Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly: “Wade you know losing is part of what we do, losing is a part of life. Where was the killer instinct? I don’t know. I said I want my soul back, now I’m wondering if I need it back.” Barrett: “You’re saying you need to make some changes?” O’Reilly: “I can beat Adam Cole, I have beaten Adam Cole, but what matters is how you walk through the fire. We can meet on the sidewalk or we can meet in the ring. I’m not just the guy who can and will beat Adam Cole. I’m the guy who can and will finish, Adam Cole.” Commercial!

L.A. Knight tells Cameron Grimes to mow his lawn. Grimes: “You think this thing is a big lawn? No problem. Wait until I get on this bush hog.” Knight tells him no, you’re going to do it with this little push mower. “Shouldn’t be a problem. My grandma used to chase me all through the yard with this thing.” Knight: “Just get it done before I come back.” Grimes: “No problem sir!” Meanwhile Indi Hartwell tries to carry Dexter Lumis to the back, but she tripped on the ramp and fell on top of him, and right as she was about to give him the big kiss Candice LeRae ran down to shove her off. Match time!

NXT Breakout Tournament: Duke Hudson vs. Ikemen Jiro

Hudson hails from Adelaide, Australia and Jiro hails from Tokyo, Japan. They entered the ring in that order. The bell rings and Hudson throws Jiro down right on his face. Hudson begs him to come forward and Jiro cartwheels and rolls when Hudson charges. Wade Barrett: “This man has an unhealthy obsession with jackets. Who competes in jackets?” Hudson drops Jiro on the top rope and smashes him in the face. Hudson pulls the jacket up so Jiro can’t see and pummels him. Jiro responds with a chop. Hudson with a scoop slam. Hudson pulls Jiro up by the hair and shoots him into the ropes. Jiro goes for a sunset flip and fails. Hudson drags him to his feet and Jiro lands a series of right hands. Hudson charges and Jiro tries to apply a tarantula through the ropes. Jiro goes for a spring board and flies right into a belly to belly suplex. Hudson unloads with power shots and an uppercut. Jiro kicks out at one. Hudson looking for a Razor’s Edge but Jiro escapes and gets a near fall. Blockbuster by Jiro and Hudson rolls out. Baseball slide kick by Jiro. Springboard moonsault to the floor to knocks Hudson down but he injured his left ankle in doing so. Jiro puts Hudson on the apron and tries to drag him back in. Hudson fights him off for a moment but eats a series of kicks before responding with a Big Bossman Slam for three.

The winner and advancing in the tournament: Duke Hudson

Pete Dunne: “I don’t care who wins tonight. Find Gargano and ask him who the man is around here. Find Kross and ask him about the triangle choke. He had no answers. I’m the baddest man here.” Timothy Thatcher interrupts: “Well, which is it?” Dunne: “Who’s asking?” Tommaso Ciampa runs out too and they brawl with Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan to take us to the commercial break!

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Jessi Kamea & Aliyah (w/ Robert Stone)

If this match was announced at any point today I have no memory of it whatsoever. Catanzaro kicks out of a bridging suplex while Barrett is talking about manifesting reality through the power of belief. Okay. Inside cradle for a near fall. Catanzaro is cut off before she can make a hot tag to Carter. Aliyah tries to stop her again but Catanzaro’s momentum carries them both to the corner and she reaches out to get it. All four women get in the ring and the ref tries and fails to take control. Catanzaro does a dive on the outside, Carter with a superkick to Aliyah, Catanzaro gets the tag and the 450 off the ropes for the pin.

The winners of this match: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Robert Stone pulls Aliyah back to her feet and she slaps him. “What is wrong with you Aliyah?” Aliyah: “I’ve helped you more than you’ve helped me. I’ve done more for you than anyone!” She gives him another slap that sends him flying across the ring and then lays into him with fists and knees as the NeXTras cheer her on. Stone tries to crawl away and she hits a running kick to the gut, a kick to the head, and jumps up and down to celebrate. She blows Aliyah and the crowd a kiss and leaves on her own. I think that’s the end of this team! Oh and here comes Franky Monet to rub salt in the wound. She comes right up to Jessi Kamea and Kamea leaves with her as Stone waves her off and says “Just go.” Samoa Joe is backstage to talk to The Way. “Mr. Gargano. Protect yourself at all times, and two, obey my commands at all times.” Gargano: “All you gotta do is count to three. I’ll handle the rest.” They offer him a free t-shirt and a chance to hang out. He gets disgusted and leaves. Pete Dunne stops Joe and stares a hole in him. Commercial!

Grimes is lounging by the pool with a drink. “I said I’d be your butler, but I’m also a millionaire, and I know how to delegate. Good job kid!” He had a kid mowing the lawn for him. Knight says when I demand you do it, you do it, not some kid. The kid comes over and says the job’s all done. Grimes tries to pay him $500, Knight won’t let him, and knocks the money out of Grimes’ hand. The kid kicks Knight in the leg, and while Grimes tries to clean up the spilled money with the kid’s rake, he bumps the injured Knight into the pool! Knight sputters: “You did that on purpose!” Grimes: “Can I get you a towel... sir??”

Adam Cole is here. Cole: “You went through the fire, huh? You sure did Kyle, and you got burned by ol’ Adam Cole bay bay! But I’m sick of talking about Kyle. I want to talk about you, Samoa Joe. The big bad man who snuck up from behind and put me in the clutch. The man who stood here and did nothing as Kyle tried to rip my knee from my socket. Joe you are nothing but an overpaid security guard in a suit. You don’t scare me. I’d ask you to come out and face me man to man, but I know you won’t. There’s nobody back there man enough to go man to man with me.” Bronson Reed interrupts! “Adam Cole! You’ve got to love the confidence. You are a master of mind games, and you are a master of manipulating someone who has something to lose. I no longer have the North American title, I have nothing to lose. Adam Cole, right now, all eyes are on me. And people are wondering what my next move is, and people consider you NXT’s golden boy. I consider you my golden opportunity. So, bay bay...” Cole tries to superkick him but Reed blocks it and knocks Cole out of the ring. Samoa Joe’s music hits and he walks down the entrance ramp straight toward Cole. He stares at Cole, Cole stares back at him, and Joe casually walks by and steps through the ropes. Reed is still in the ring as Joe strikes a pose to his music. Reed circles around him and takes a powder. Our title match is next!

Franky Monet is now leading Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea around like they are her puppies. She says we don’t have to worry about Aliyah any more. Mandy Rose walks up. “Looks like the Robert Stone Brand is under new management.” Main event time!

Karrion Kross (champ) vs. Johnny Gargano (NXT Title, special referee Samoa Joe)

There are less than ten minutes left in the hour after Gargano and Kross (in that order) make their entrances, so an overrun has almost never been more guaranteed than it is tonight. Scarlett accompanies the latter as per usual. Despite the lack of “official” TV time we still get the lights down, the big match introductions from the ring announcer, and Joe holding up the NXT title. Gargano smashed Kross in the face as Joe was doing so and after a few seconds of watching them both Joe finally called for the bell.

The crowd has been chanting “Johnny Wrestling” since before the match started and continues to chant for him as Gargano does a dive to the floor to wipe Kross out. Kross pops right back up and gives Gargano a big boot. Joe gets irate and gets outside. “That’s enough Kross! Get this back in the ring!” They brawl in front of the announce desk instead and Joe starts a ten count. Joe isn’t happy they’re ignoring him so he comes back out again just as Kross drops Gargano’s back across the announce desk. Commercial!

We’re finally back in the ring and Kross has just been sent shoulder first into the ring post. Gargano tries and fails to knock Kross down with a couple of clotheslines but connects with a step up enzuigiri. Kross floats Gargano to the apron but Gargano hits a slingshot spear for the two count. Kross goes outside for a breather so Gargano dives and sends Kross head first into the plexiglass. Gargano tries to follow up with One Final Beat in the ring but Kross blocks it and hits a pair of suplexes for a near fall. Scarlett looks on as Kross gets back up and Gargano crawls to the ropes. Kross tries to pick him up, Gargano hooks the ropes with an arm, Kross overpowers him and goes to the top rope with him for a Saito suplex. Gargano counters and turns it into a crossbody then kicks Kross in the head repeatedly. The last kick is blocked by a clothesline. DDT by Gargano for a near fall. Joe has yet to be “provoked” by Kross. I’m just waiting for it. Forearm and one handed choke slam by Kross, who yells “I own you!” Gargano hits two superkicks in response. Kross applies the Kross Jacket but Gargano counters into the Escape! Joe asks the champ if he wants to give up. Kross picks Gargano up and spins around repeatedly before putting on the Kross Jacket. Joe asks Gargano if he’s going to submit. Gargano seems like he’s on the verge of going out. Gargano gets the ropes and Kross refuses to let go of the submission.

Joe pulls Kross off. Kross comes over and the two get in each other’s faces, but he doesn’t shove Joe. Wise decision. He goes outside to throw Gargano into the plexiglass repeatedly. “Time to go Johnny.” Kross takes apart the ring steps and Joe stops him from using them. They get in each other’s faces again. Joe: “Are you gonna do something?” He doesn’t. Gargano hits a DDT to the floor! Gargano hits the One Final Beat back in the ring but Kross kicks out!! Kross responds with a forearm, three straight powerbombs, and a Doomsday Saito Suplex. Joe asks Gargano if he’s done and he doesn’t respond. Kross smirks and hits the forearm to the back of the head and Joe makes the three count. That’s it? Well I guess Karrion Kross isn’t going up to the main roster yet after all.

The winner and still NXT champion: Karrion Kross

Joe raises the victor’s hand but Kross still gets in his face and starts talking trash anyway. Joe dares him to do something. Scarlett tries to pull her man back. Kross jumps Joe from behind anyway and goes for the Kross Jacket! Joe drops to his knees as Kross refuses to let go. Kross: “You brought this on yourself Joe!” The NeXTras boo as Samoa Joe goes out cold. Kross stares at his lifeless body with the belt in his hands. Scarlett raises his other arm as he raises the title high in the air. He talks more trash to the lifeless body of Joe as the show ends.

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