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Drew McIntyre has a very good explanation for his new, rambling promos

Over the past several weeks, Drew McIntyre’s had some... interesting interviews. The King of Claymore Country has been regaling us with tales of Scottish lore. Like this one from last week about how the Loch Ness Monster was a “real salty bitch”.

Presumably the real reason we’re getting these promos is because Vince McMahon likes them. But McIntyre has a pretty great alternative explanation, too.

Here’s what he told TV Insider:

“It comes down to the fans knowing that I’m a butt-kicker. There is this very straight line. This is showing something that’s a little out there. I tell these crazy stories and go on wild tangents. I am getting to show another side. I’ll joke backstage that I never plan to tell these wild stories. Then I walk into Matt Riddle’s room, and he is burning some sort of incense. I’m chatting with him for 10 minutes, and I walk out, and I’m really hungry, and I have these crazy stories coming out. I don’t know why.”

That darn Spicoli Riddle. First Randy, and now he’s got Drew on dope, too.

Check out that TV Insider interview for McIntyre talking a lot about his upcoming Shark Week show, Shark Rumble...

... that looks like it’d be fun to watch after partaking of some of Bro’s “incense”, no?

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