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Ponytail-ed Brock Lesnar carves meat, is somehow more terrifying than ever

When last we caught a glimpse of the Beast Incarnate, he was seen rocking a lengthy goatee while grabbing a cup of coffee during hunting season.

It was a cool look, but it had nothing on the pics of Brock Lesnar making their way around the wrestle web today (July 12).

The former UFC and WWE champ is mostly hiding his new ‘do under his cap in those pics. The one where he’s hat-less doesn’t tell us much. From what we saw last November, we knew he was going with a viking mohawk. The new addition to the look is revealed in additional posts on Instagram from Lesnar’s trip to the Bearded Butchers’ shop.

Bearded Butcher’s Instagram

First and foremost, Brock power-sawing a cow carcass then looking up and asking “good?” is pants-crapping scary. You gonna tell this dude anything but “perfect, sir... never seen it done better”?

Bearded Butchers’ Instagram

Beyond that, the jokes pretty much write themselves. My favorites involve how Lesnar is only four arms away from actually becoming Goro at this point. But I also enjoy the Wardlow comparisons I’ve seen on Twitter.

Of course, the most pertinent question is whether or not Brock will return to WWE with this look. It’s certainly possible - the man looks ready to go, and speculation’s been that he and Vince McMahon were waiting for crowds to return before the inked their latest deal.

Give us your best guesses about a comeback, and your thoughts on Lesnar’s mohawk mullet or his carving skills, in the comments below.

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