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Bayley’s already working to come back as a heel

The silver-lining most of us found to yesterday’s bad injury news about Bayley was that her comeback in approximately nine months will be fantastic.

Her return figures to come along with a huge pop, a la Triple H at Madison Square Garden in 2002.

That kind of reaction usually sustains beyond one appearance and arena, and leads to at least a short babyface run. But in both her interview segment on SmackDown last night (July 9) and on social media promoting said interview, Bayley is already working to preserve the villainous character she’s molded over the last two years.

Blaming the fans is a time-honored trick for getting and keeping heat. I doubt it’s going to work in this case, but you can understand Bayley trying. If she does have to play face when she comes back next year, she certainly can’t just go back to her old, enthusiastic fangirl gimmick. It would have to be something new that incorporates her transformation into a Role Model.

Maybe she can pull it off if WWE keeps her on television while she rehabs, continuing to mock fan favorites on her talk show like Miz has on Monday nights. We’re probably still gonna cheer you next spring though, Bayles.

Hurry back so we can find out.

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