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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (July 9, 2021): One up the Bloodline

If this show did one thing, it definitely showed us that Roman Reigns has only one man in mind - Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief came out to start the show and told Jimmy Uso he had family business to tend to. He was able to do what Jimmy couldn’t do, and that’s get Jey Uso back. So Jey waltzes back out after nearly a month out and said that he was back and ready to be the Right Hand Man.

Reigns also said that Edge was a liar, and that he is honorable and will tell the truth that yes, he had a moment of fear like any good man would, but he leveled up from it and smashed, stacked, and pinned at WrestleMania.

Then he turned to the Usos and said that all he wanted was the Usos together as a family, winning championships and representing the family. They then hugged, and Reigns looked at the camera suspiciously.

So Roman tried to play that he wanted his cousins to be champions all along, but he did what he claimed Edge was false about - lying. We know that he never wanted that. I see you, Roman.

The Usos went to Edge’s locker room and said they were going to go to him before Edge called Reigns out. Edge wasn’t in there though. He was too busy foreshadowing the Seth Rollins match going up to him being interviewed and said he was doing something Rollins wouldn’t do. Hmmm.

So Edge went out to the ring to call out the Tribal Chief and the camera went back to the Usos in Reigns’ locker room, and Jey said he smelled something off about this and they went to the ring.

I can say that it did feel strange, but I didn’t see the Mysterios coming back and turning the tables on the Bloodline.

And the third member had to be in the same spot as Reigns and Jimmy. As both Usos were being tortured in the ring, Reigns stared at them, turned around, and walked away.

What a jerk.

I smell a 6 man tag! And its one that I would really like to see. Maybe for next week? But I think that it’s too quick since Money in the Bank is two days later.

Last thing I want to mention is that it’s a bit disheartening that Jimmy Uso is seemingly not being reprimanded by WWE in any way after his third or fourth DUI. Not a good look. While I would like the 6 man tag, I’d prefer that Jimmy gets taken off TV and has all his focus on the help he needs.

Let’s get to the rest of the show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

The right thing was done

If you hadn’t heard before this show, yes, Bayley is legitimately injured and out for 9 months.

A lot of speculation ran wild about who would be her replacement, and a bunch of us in the “Cageside offices” listed off names such as Natalya, a returning Sasha, Shayna Baszler, and even someone from Raw.

Reginald was also speculated on. I mean he has to be included, right?

However, one name was also thrown into the mix - Carmella. (And by me!)

So Sonya Deville came out and announced in fact, that Carmella would replace Bayley, and that the match would instead be on SmackDown next week.

And out came Liv Morgan for the third straight week to air her grievances, but Deville said that in Carmella’s place at Money in the Bank would be her! She also said that it was deserved, and yeah it really is.

I think the right thing was done here. Carmella is the perfect person to go into the title match next week and Liv finally gets her shot. I would be interested in finding out at some point what the end game would have been had Bayley not been injured, but we got there anyway.

The Rest

King Nakamura defeated Baron Corbin

Nakamura and Rick Boogs rolled up to the arena in Corbin’s old G-Wagon repo-ed from last week. Big E invited Pat McAfee to the couch for his very own comforting foot pedi water thingy. E was also wearing a Ding Dong Hello! shirt, signifying that he is an amazing person. Corbin hasn’t had a haircut or shaved for the past few weeks and he’s not looking good. He had a wicked clothesline that Nakamura sold beautifully, but Nakamura put him away with a Kinshasa. E and Pat were rocking out on the couch and announce table and my God I love Pat McAfee and please never let him go. He at one point said that Corbin’s hairline committed treason and I could not stop laughing.

Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro

Really great spot where Cesaro caught Rollins as he was jumping over him and powerslammed him with one arm. Rollins got mad and destroyed the announce table and Kevin Owens just hilariously asked in a calm voice “What an attitude problem. Stomp the thing, that’ll help.” as he was stomping on the table cover. Rollins, new move where he goes for the stomp but backtracks and kicks the opponent in the back of the head is a really nice move. Cesaro’s incredible strength lifting Rollins above his head from behind and slams him. Cesaro was swinging Rollins when they came back from break. At 9.9, Cesaro, bloodied and battered, got back in the ring and Rollins won with a stomp. I wasn’t expecting Rollins to win here but that was a very good match.

Shotzi and Nox defeated Natalya and Tamina

There was definitely some trouble with this match. Some spots were very much planned, like they just went over the match before it happened. Getting to see the tank on SmackDown made up for it though. Beating the tag team champions only leads to one thing.

Grade: B

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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