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Bea Priestley officially signs with WWE and has a new ring name in NXT UK

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Bea Priestley has been strongly linked to NXT UK in the wrestling rumor mill ever since she was written out of her storyline with Will Ospreay in New Japan Pro Wrestling in March.

Last week’s episode of NXT UK included a video of a woman with the extremely exciting name of Blair Davenport signing a contract. This week’s episode confirmed that Blair Davenport is indeed the wrestler formerly known as Bea Priestley:

“I have wrestled all around the world. I have sacrificed everything to get to where I am today. I have given up friends, I have given up family, to master what I do. Did you really think that I wouldn’t end up a part of the greatest women’s division on Earth? Blair Davenport has arrived in NXT UK.”

Now that Bea Priestley is officially signed with WWE, what do you think of her new ring name in NXT UK?