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Roman Reigns shoots on being the best pro wrestler in the world today

During an interview on Peter Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat podcast, Roman Reigns discussed what his mindset and approach is every single week during his current heel run as the The Head of the Table on WWE SmackDown. It’s about him and Paul Heyman being the absolute best and putting the cherry on top of their Hall of Fame careers:

“Well I think the rare moments, displaying new layers, and elevating the performance every single week, that’s always going to be a staple of what we’re trying to do. But I think what’s made us so special is, you know, the preparation. And that goes individually throughout our careers, Paul [Heyman] and I. Everything that’s had to happen and the journey that we both been on to get to this point in our careers to kind of collide and make this thing happen. But I think it goes with the similar and the very parallel mindset of trying to be the very best every single week.

And this is some stuff I’ve said to Jey [Uso] and Jimmy [Uso] on screen, but I mean, it’s a shoot. It’s for real. This is the only way I want to be remembered is being the hands down, head and shoulders, better than everybody else on the show, everybody else in the world. They’re all trying to catch me. At this point, I feel like within a marathon, we’re lapping people because we put so much preparation, so much thought into the detail, the nuance, and trying to deliver the most sophisticated, not confusing, but very respectful stories as we can.

It was something, when me and Paul knew we were gonna get together, it was immediate, just starting to spit ball. We knew it was something that was gonna have to be fleshed out in real time, obviously, week to week and be put into the situation and know our barriers, know which walls we’re gonna have to go over, avoid, or just bust right through. But we were game planning everything, and I think that was the common denominator is that we just want to be special. He’d been on an awesome run with Brock for what, like ten, twelve years...And then for myself, I mean I already had four main events at WrestleMania, multiple championship reigns, and stuff like that. So there wasn’t much that I hadn’t already done in this industry. So I think for both of us, it was just really about developing that cherry on top, really solidifying the legacy and cementing this Hall of Fame portion of our careers.”

Do you agree that Roman Reigns has lapped the field and is the best wrestler in the world today?

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