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The Young Bucks look forward to defending the AEW tag titles on WWE Dynamite

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Last night’s (June 30) episode of AEW Dynamite ended with Jim Ross accidentally calling the show “WWE Dynamite.”

The episode began with the AEW tag team champions, Matt and Nick Jackson, losing in a non-title match against Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo. Based on the result of this match, Eddie and Penta will now challenge the Young Bucks for the titles next week (July 7) at Road Rager.

When you combine what happened at the beginning and end of Dynamite, you get the following new Twitter bio for the Young Bucks:

The Bucks didn’t hesitate to poke fun at JR’s gaffe. But the Bucks also left themselves open to some wise cracks with their new mustachioed appearance on Dynamite. Tony Schiavone said they look like 70’s porn stars. But Nyla Rose has a more fitting point of comparison for the Bucks’ new look:

For Matt and Nick, I think it’s just another day of being the elite.