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WWE announcer Greg Hamilton admits he was wrong for mocking Lio Rush’s retirement

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Lio Rush’s time at WWE, and especially his pre-hiatus run on the main roster, was marked by controversy. After his 2020 release, those issues led to a public beef with Mark Henry (a beef Rush said was squashed when they both appeared at AEW’s May 30 Double or Nothing show).

But Henry wasn’t the only person Lio had heat with from his WWE days, and apparently announcer Greg Hamilton was one of the others. When Rush posted his retirement message last night (June 8), Hamilton tweeted and deleted a “don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya” kind of response:

But with some time to reflect, Hamilton posted a new message, directly tagging Rush on Instagram and tweeting out a screenshot of his comment there:

Rush hasn’t replied or commented on either of Hamilton’s responses. He did thank AEW and its President Tony Khan for his message earlier today.