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Asuka just sold me on a WWE Women’s Tag title run for her and Nikki Cross

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been a huge fan of anything happening in the Raw Women’s scene. And I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the current title story, either. What’s to like in a program where both champion Rhea Ripley and challenger Charlotte Flair are pretty unlikeable, Nikki Cross wins by not losing, and Asuka is more just-happy-to-be-here than one-of-the-most-dominant-wrestlers-in-modern-company-history.

That extends to what happened this past Monday (June 7), when Cross & Asuka beat Ripley & Flair because the title contenders couldn’t co-exist, then celebrated without any mention of their fantastic history as competitors.

But then with one Instagrammed Photoshop image that calls back to her weird weekend exchange with Dave Bautista and his own history of winning tag gold with one of his most famous rivals... the Empress has me completely on-board with a WWE Women’s Tag Team championship reign for her & Cross...

Asuka’s Instagram

For those of you who weren’t watching in 2006, here’s the reference:

No offense, Natalya & Tamina. But if this is how WWE is gonna present Asuka & Nikki anyway, as Fandango used to say...