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Raw viewers are sticking around

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The overall numbers aren’t great compared to years past, but for the second straight week, the hour-to-hour holds are impressive.

One thing the ratings reporting snafu around the May 31 episode of Raw highlighted was that while WWE’s Monday night numbers might be at record lows, the people who are tuning in seem to be watching all three hours of the show.

That trend continued on June 7, an episode that generally bounced back from Memorial Day’s historic lows. PWTorch reports Raw’s average audience on for USA Network this week was 1.64 million, with all three hours remaining above 1.6 million viewers.

  • Hour one: 1,667,000
  • Hour two: 1,651,000
  • Hour three: 1,602,000

Wrestling Observer noted this about the recent strong third hour viewership:

“Aside from last week’s Memorial Day edition of Raw (where Raw’s third hour was actually the most viewed), last night was just the second time in 2021 that the drop from the second to third hour was less than three percent of the viewership.”

An interesting element to these stats is that hour three is where most of the Alexa Bliss/Lilly & Shayna Baszler story has played out over the past two weeks. Will the trend continue after the widely-criticized-by-the-internet main event segment from this past Monday?

In the demographic ratings, the June 7 Raw did a .48 rating among 18-49 year olds. That’s roughly a 12% increase from last week.

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