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Cool moves!

A bit of a slow news day, which allowed me to do something I don’t normally do, which is watch AEW Dark: Elevation and Dark (on an average week, I use Manolo’s match rankings to skim through to things that sound like my particular cup of tea).

There was a spot on each show this week that made me sit up and say, “oh, damn.” Combine that with something that happened in the opening match on this week’s NXT that got a similar reaction, and you’ve got yourself a post.

Our first Cool Move™ comes from That Bitch (her words, not mine). On the Mon., June 7 edition of Dark: Elevation, Jade Cargill pops Rache Chanel up, catches her out of the air in position for a Samoan Drop, then kips up to finish Chanel off with a pump kick and her Jaded finisher.

AEW’s YouTube

Cargill is indeed That Bitch.

Next up we have Johnny Gargano’s bitch protege, Austin Theory. Theory was trained by AR Fox, and on last night’s NXT, he busted out Fox’s Lo Mein Pain on Oney Lorcan. The first part of Fox’s springboard Spanish Fly, where the wrestler delivering the move leaps to land posterior first on the top rope, looks even more impressive coming from the larger Theory.

USA Network

Last but not least, we have Top Flight’s Dante Martin from the main event of the June 8 Dark. Feels like every Martin brothers match I’ve ever seen has something I’ve never seen before, and there were a few things Dante and his hero Matt Sydal did in this one that cleared the “oh, damn” bar. This standing 360 stunner was the one that came accompanied with a gasp, though.

AEW’s YouTube

There you have it. Some Cool Moves™ for a Wednesday evening without televised pro wrestling. Feel free to share any that popped you recently in the comments below.

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