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Io Shirai returns to NXT TV

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My duo Sean Rueter wondered if Poppy’s super well promoted return to NXT TV this week wouldn’t also herald the return of former NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai, considering their history together on the black and yellow brand. Sean, my astute companion and great knower of pro wrestling, nailed it:

Candice LeRae took up issue with Poppy for inadvertently getting in between the In-Dex relationship simply by hugging Dexter Lumis after he presented her a gift. Indi Hartwell walked in on it just as she was rushing to reunite with him, and left the building heartbroken.

With Shirai there to protect her, Poppy came out entirely unscathed. Hey, she even dropped an album tonight!

This would mark the first time we’ve seen Shirai since she told Beth Phoenix back in late April that she would be taking time off to rest following a 300 day run with the NXT women’s championship. She vowed to get a rematch, and it’s worth noting that she bumped into Raquel Gonzalez, the woman who took the title from her, just as she was walking backstage this evening.

Stay tuned.

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