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Please enjoy Randy Orton trying not to laugh at Riddle

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Look, the wrestling world’s been yelling about the ending of the June 7 Raw for the last twelve hours or so. Let’s flip the script a bit and enjoy a fun moment from the start of the episode.

Raw openings are a lot like SNL skits. Even when they’re good, they overstay their welcome. The scene from Tag champs AJ Styles and Omos amiably running down all the potential challengers in the battle royal was a lot like that.

But it did give us a beautiful little bit of Riddle explaining that he was wearing two of the new RK-Bro shirts - which he was inspired to design because his Uncle Ron had a snake named Mr. Slithers that he took everywhere in a little basket on his scooter - because one, his partner Randy Orton doesn’t wear shirts, and two, because Orton doesn’t wear pants, either. That stream of consciousness explanation is enough for Randy to demand Bro zip his lips and give him the key, a trick which has made their relationship work.

It also gave Randy a chance to compose himself so he wouldn’t corpse right in the ring.

I’m not sure why this Instagram of the moment from BT Sports doesn’t have audio and isn’t embedable, but it’s worth clicking through to laugh at Orton trying not to laugh. But even GIFs of it are good...

Riddle’s disappointment every time Orton asks for the key gets me, too.

Bro. These two are money together. Who knew, bro?