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Why Undertaker got a pass, and Lilly doesn’t


Defenders of the Alexa Bliss/Lilly/doll with supernatural powers story have been doing this thing where they try to manufacture a “got cha” moment with something along the lines of “so I guess you also had a problem with the undead guy who got supernatural powers from an urn too, huh?!? Everyone was fine with it with Undertaker but suddenly THIS is too far?!?”

Here’s the thing — the Undertaker supernatural stuff was also tremendously dumb. There are ways in which you can have a character like that in a space like this but WWE, as is so often the case, took it entirely too far and it led to some ridiculously shitty television. So, yes, I did have a problem with the undead guy with supernatural powers.

Having said that, Undertaker was absolutely given a pass.

Here’s why.

Strip away all the cheesy lightning bolts and rising from the dead and all that ridiculousness and you still had a big ass scary looking dude who could legitimately kick your ass. He had a lot of really bad matches early on, and then he evolved and started having really good matches, and there always came a point that the supernatural crap gave way to a big ol’ mean son of a son of a just throwing hands with his enemies and putting them down that way.

Plus, he at least looked cool. Had the fun, if entirely too long, entrance. You could always at least go along with it because, again, it was a real person of substantial stature dishing out an ass whooping.

Lilly, and I cannot stress this enough, is a fucking doll.

That is all.

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