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Aleister Black on how he handled WWE releasing his wife for ‘questionable’ reasons

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Thea Trinidad’s Instagram

Tommy End, who until his June 2 WWE release was known as Aleister Black, joined Renee Paquette on the latest episode of her Oral Sessions podcast.

Their chat was recorded just days after End was let go, and largely re-covers ground from the stream he did on Twitch within hours of being “future endeavored”. He was frustrated with how he was used on the main roster, but doesn’t blame anyone and personally never heard anything but praise from higher-ups, including Vince McMahon.

One thing he didn’t address on Twitch that he does mention here is his wife, Thea “Zelina Vega” Trinidad’s release:

“Mind you, they let my wife go, under reasons that are questionable. Everything got sorted out, everything is fine, everything was okay. But they called me and they’re like, ‘We understand this is putting you in a tough spot.’

“I said, ‘No, this is my career. Spoke about it with her, and this is business between you and her. Does Tom, her husband, have an opinion on it? Sure he does. Does Aleister Black the professional? Nope. He’s ready to go to work. All I want to do is work, all I want to do is create, all I want to do is present.‘

“And you know, she agreed.”

Overall, this is similar to how End processed everything else from his WWE experience - by keeping it compartmentalized. Given that he admits to having been depressed by the stretches of time when he wasn’t booked on Raw or SmackDown - including one after Trinidad’s release over the company’s ban on third-party engagement - things probably got to him more than he lets on.

No matter. End is now looking forward to creating elsewhere, and is unlikely to run into the same challenges at his next stop.

Listen to Paquette’s entire interview with the former NXT champion here.