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Last week’s TV numbers weren’t great for either NXT or Dynamite (Updated)

All Elite Wrestling

Here in the post-Showbuzz TV world (which is officially dead, btw), we don’t get the television numbers in as timely or detailed fashion. As we learned last week, the first version of ratings and viewership data we get may not even be terribly reliable.

But those figures are coming out. And the ones we’re seeing for the June 1 WWE NXT and the June 4 AEW Dynamite aren’t great.

Wrestling Observer has last week’s NXT, with an advertised #1 contender match and the surprise return of Adam Cole, at 668,000 viewers. That’s down more than 4% from the 697 - 700K range the show had been drawing for most of May. No ratings data is available. UPDATE: Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics has the 18 - 49 year old rating, and the .20 the black-and-gold brand scored on June 1 is its best number since April.

The site also confirmed a PW Torch report on the performance of the Jun 4 Dynamite. AEW’s flagship show was pre-empted to Friday at 10 p.m. ET for the second straight week, and saw its numbers decline for the second straight week, to 462,000 live viewers, with a .38 overall rating & a .19 among 18 - 49 year olds.

AEW’s going to continue to air on weekend nights for most of June, so expect more numbers that look like these. But keep in mind these are only live viewing numbers. Both the Observer and PWT report that Dynamite has seen larger than usual upticks in DVR and VOD viewings for these Friday broadcasts. Here’s the Torch’s Wade Keller on that:

“The Friday, May 28 episode that drew 526,000 viewers leaped to 817,000 after three additional days, an increase of nearly 300,000 viewers. The prior week’s 821,000 premiere night viewership grew to 998,000 after three days, an increase of just under 180,000. The week before that, the 936,000 premiere night viewers grew to 1,089,000 viewers, an increase of merely roughly 150,000 viewers.

“That indicates that many viewers who usually watch Dynamite didn’t find Friday night at 10 ET a convenient timeslot, but made a point to watch on DVR over the weekend. Not all viewers who typically watch live on Wednesdays have access to a DVR, so the inconvenient later Friday slot is going to lead to some viewers missing the show entirely. AEW is still down in terms of overall viewership, but not as much after three days of delayed viewership as the initial premiere night data indicates.”

It’s worth noting that NXT always sees a similar bump, but since much of it likely comes from streaming on WWE Network or Peacock and those numbers are not available, we’ve never known how much of a bump.

Generally speaking, there’s a lot of folks watching pro wrestling. If you want to analyze why some are picking different shows and nights and methods to do so, here’s some more data you can use to do so.

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