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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (June 7, 2021): Garbage

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Well then.

Cagesiders... I have put off featuring this angle for a while because I just didn’t want to bother with it anymore.

I can no longer hold out. It has to be done.

Disclaimer: Good on ya if you’re a fan. I’m speaking as a non-fan of this angle and everything about it. Everything.

This was one of the worst endings to Raw I have ever seen.

Shayna Baszler is a very entertaining woman and a legitimate shoot fighter. Last year, she was drawing blood from Becky Lynch and brutalizing women. But Vince McMahon doesn’t see it. Fine. I’ve put up with that before.

Alexa Bliss is a very entertaining woman and I have always been a fan. She’s a great talker and knows how to be a good heel and champion.

Get the F out of here with this garbage.

I now no longer care if Alexa is fully creatively in control of this. I hate it. I cannot wait for the crowds to come back because they are going to shit all over this. How do I know? They booed the end of the Fiend/Orton match at WrestleMania. Because that sucked, too.

It sucked then, it sucks now, and this is all over a f***ing doll. I don’t care. It’s bad. In fact, I realized tonight that I am starting to look less favorably at the first Firefly Fun House match because this is what it led to. I am thinking less fondly of the Fiend because this is what it led to.

And the reason I mentioned Vince is because I should have seen it coming when I thought the Fiend was the best thing in WWE when he debuted at SummerSlam. I should have known that not all good things stay good. Eventually Roman Reigns won’t be as good as this anymore. And we’ll all be worse off for it.

I can’t take this angle anymore. Everyone looks stupider coming out of it. It was shot badly, too. The camera cuts and stupid corny bad film school style of it all. I want it all gone. Alexa’s gimmick, Shayna’s involvement, The Fiend and the whole thing if they’re thinking of bringing it back, all of it.

The Fiend is dead. Lilly is a stupid doll and is actively ruining good performers being put in a nonsensical angle that has NO BUSINESS being the main event. NO BUSINESS AT ALL.

REGINALD was ELEVATED with a WIN over SHAYNA BASZLER because of this angle. Get the F out of here. I am appalled by this. This is garbage.

Barring something worse than what they did on this show, you won’t see this as a feature again. It’s done.

And Raw sucks as a whole. It’s a garbage program. I’ll be highlighting some of the smaller good parts that made me smile and laugh, and I desperately needed it. No need to watch this show on television.

Check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth, a saint who also has to put up with this garbage with me.


Whew. Back to it.

Short answer... no, of course not.

They had Charlotte Flair back to her good self with her promo on Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.

It kind of looks like that teasing of dissension between the WWE officials stuff is done? Deville did not take Flair’s side and there haven’t been any interactions between them since the second week of her suspension being lifted.

Nikki Cross was happy to announce that Asuka decided to accept her request to be her tag partner. I think that Asuka is just there now to be fodder in other women’s feuds. It’s really unfortunate.

So the coexisting part... yeah that never existed.

For most of the match Rhea and Charlotte were bickering and angrily tagging each other, until they couldn’t take it anymore and just brawled.

And then Nikki took advantage of Charlotte’s Natural Selection and pinned the champion.

Seriously how does Nikki Cross not get added to the championship match? Woman been beating the champion and the challenger for three weeks! It will make her look dumb as hell not going to Pearce and Deville demanding that.

Freshness... sort of!

Randy Orton, Riddle, and believe it or not, The Miz and Morrison saved the opening segment from disaster. Of course the first thing out of Styles’ mouth is that WWE is going on the road! My brain shut off in that moment until the first funny moment from Riddle showing off the RK-Bro shirts.

It’s pretty crazy how over that is with me.

And then Miz and Morrison came out and I almost choked from laughing so hard. Not from anything that was said, because the drip stuff has run its course. But when Morrison’s music hit and Miz was rolled to the ramp in his wheelchair, it started rolling down and they cut to that slow motion camera effect and I couldn’t stop laughing at Miz’s face.

Honestly, he can be really really boring and I could wax poetic about wanting him and Morrison to finally split, but once a month they get me.

To be honest, I had expected this to be the big RKBro push but I guess it makes more sense for RKBro to be the SummerSlam contenders. I do not expect the Viking Raiders to win, and I still get nightmares from their last time in the tag title scene.

Two months of playing games with the Street Profits ran its course after week two. However, them being the winners and not just another New Day match makes me happy.

The promo after the match served to show us that the Vikings love to raid, and that Erik is stinky. Sure.


Drew McIntyre is soooooo boring.

So boring.

Don’t even know what he said, and don’t even care. I’m still on Bobby Lashley’s side and MVP and Kofi Kingston when he was part of this. McIntyre doesn’t deserve yet another match.

So it of course they had to make this a contract signing so that we would get the breaking news that this match will now be in the Cell at Hell in a Cell. Not surprising.

And then something new! If McIntyre loses, he never gets to face Lashley for the WWE title again. Fine with me!

Drew should know that the Hell in a Cell stipulation never guarantees that no one will get involved. Though he should be careful with using any and all weapons because we all know how that worked out a few years ago.

Bobby and Drew had a very good match at WrestleMania and at WrestleMania Backlash... though I feel like I remember someone else in that one. Can’t put my finger on it.

Let’s let this truly be the last time, yeah?

Let this go somewhere, please!

So this was a bit out of nowhere.

Kofi Kingston and MVP had the best segment of the night with a promo that brought us back to KofiMania. Yes, those were the good times weren’t they?

This was legitimately the highlight of my evening.

I had to highlight this one because this is what I love seeing from these two men. A segment with purpose, to draw out a side of Kofi we haven’t seen in a while and have MVP just be a jerk, but also a truthful one.

Now I know that the New Day have always said that they wouldn’t break up, but at this point after seeing Xavier Woods great performances last week I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of a singles run from him.

Kofi in the Hurt Business after the real life history between he and MVP would be very intriguing. If New Day are out of the title picture for a while, why not?

Or nah nevermind there was just a match with Riddle and the MVP stuff went nowhere. And they used that match to cause dissension between my favorite act on this show. You bastards.

The Rest

Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo ended in a double count out

It was quite frustrating to see that these incredible athletes were given a count out loss after psyching out a shaken Sheamus before the match. Sheamus gets the last laugh, and now neither of these men deserve contendership for the US title. I’m sure this will mean nothing and next week it will either be ran back or a triple threat will be announced. Wins? Losses? Who cares about those right?

Mustafa Ali and Mansoor have a chat / Mansoor defeated Drew Gulak

For the second week in a row, Ali approached Mansoor to give him some advice on how to work himself through the system at WWE. Ali told Mansoor that Gulak is dangerous.

And Drew Gulak was dangerous so Ali gave him great advice. He grabbed the tights and Mansoor reversed it and won. I’m interested to see if these interactions lead to anything.

Jeff Hardy defeated Cedric Alexander

I had expected there to be another Shelton and Cedric match so this was pleasantly surprising. It was quick, and naturally Cedric lost by being stupid and mocking Jeff instead of focusing on winning.

Elias and a new Jaxson Ryker ended in a single count out

Elias’ new thing is being both a coward and a douchebag to Ryker for no reason at all and its WWE’s way of turning Ryker into a babyface. HAHAHAHAHA oh Vince you’ll see how much that will go over on July 19th.

Grade: F

Before wrapping this up, I just want to say that giving this show an F did not make me happy. This show sucked and deserves the grade. Nothing on this show mattered. It’s my first F grade ever and I was hoping I would never have to do it.

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?