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WWE NXT results, live blog (June 8, 2021): TakeOver go home

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: the final push to TakeOver: In Your House, including Ember Moon getting ready for her shot at Women’s champ Raquel González with a match against Big Mami Cool’s partner Dakota Kai, and a face-off between all five men competing for the NXT title on Sunday. Plus, Poppy returns, Ted DiBiase has a “priceless” announcement to make, two of the NXT title challengers’ sidekicks face-off when Oney Lorcan battles Austin Theory, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott battles Killian Dain, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


It’s about to get wild in here! Let’s do this. We open with a video package of the Adam Cole and Karrion Kross confrontation last week, along with a rundown of tonight’s card, and it’s time for our first match of the evening!

Austin Theory vs. Oney Lorcan

We see the brawl earlier in the day at the Capitol Wrestling Center before the bell rings and the match gets proper underway. Theory with a boot to the gut and a forearm to the face. Lorcan with a whip to the corner but he eats a dropkick and Theory gets a side headlock takeover for good measure. Lorcan counters into a triangle but Theory escapes for another headlock to his grounded opponent. Lorcan quickly gets back up. They get into the ropes, the ref calls for a clean break, and their method of doing that is to nail each other with uppercuts. Lorcan gets a takedown and goes for a submission as Theory screams in pain. Theory kicks him away and does a double foot stomp and a suplex, checking his boots as the NeXTras applaud. “That right there is The Way it is, always, and forever.” Once he’s done being cocky Lorcan unloads on him with chops. The NeXTras boo as Lorcan blasts him to the mat with a hard elbow. Another uppercut from Lorcan. A “let’s go Theo-ry” chant breaks out. The fight spills out of the ring and Lorcan sweeps the legs to make Theory land back first on the apron. This brings out Pete Dunne and brings on a commercial break!

Now Johnny Gargano has joined the ringside area, which Wade Barrett describes as “evening up the odds.” Blockbuster from Theory for a double down. Theory crawls toward Gargano, Lorcan just crawls, and they both get back up to trade fisticuffs. Theory clotheslines Lorcan to the floor right next to Dunne. Dunne doesn’t help him up or do anything, he just looks on. Lorcan runs in and shoves Theory through the ropes back out to the floor. Gargano backs away as the two brawl. Theory smashes Lorcan into the barricade twice and throws him back into the ring. Short clothesline. Fall away slam. Theory makes The Way hand sign and charges and takes Lorcan off the ropes with a modified Spanish Fly for a near fall. Wade Barrett: “I’ve never seen that in my life!” Double clothesline outside for another double down. Dunne and Gargano start brawling on the ramp in front of them. Security runs out from the back to break it up, but not before Gargano gets in a few good licks on Dunne. Lorcan rams Theory into the ring post and pumps him high in the air to crash him to earth for the pin.

The winner of this contest: Oney Lorcan

We go to L.A. Knight’s palatial estate for a promo right from his shower. “Ted you talk about the Million Dollar legacy and if you’re talking about a guy to carry it there’s only one choice — L.A. Knight.” Then we see him in the hot tub with two models drinking champagne, practicing his million dollar laugh. They laugh with him until he tells them to knock it off. Next he shows off his sports car, which pulls away in slow motion as we go to a break.

Michael “PS” Hayes is on my screen pretending to be Dok Hendrix again to promote the Takeover card. “See you this Sunday at In, Your, House!” He’s screaming so loudly I’m afraid he might rip his throat out. We go to a video package of last week’s MSK tag title defense.

Legado del Fantasma is in the ring and Santos Escobar is not happy. He’s promising to make Bronson Reed pay for interfering in last week’s tag match. Reed interrupts. “I was going to come out here and tell you that you’re full of it, but after I squished you last week, I think it might have emptied out. You definitely had to pee your pants after that one. Let’s see it one more time. Come on cue it up!” Legado is getting more and more pissed as the video plays on loop on all the screens. Escobar: “You think you’re so tough big boy? Let’s see you come in the ring and do it again.” Reed: “Okay!” He steps through the ropes and MSK run out to join him. Escobar and his flunkies take a powder. Escobar: “I should have known about these two coming out. They’re going to take your tag titles, I’m going to take your North American title. Let’s do it all in one match. Winner, takes, all.” Reed says they’re game to do it. MSK ask for the “squish” video again. Is that match for tonight or is it a change to Sunday’s card? That’s not clear. Things only get more confusing as Hit Row come out and get in the faces of Legado. MSK and Reed move to the ring apron to let them enter the ring, but stand their ground on said apron when the Row get in their faces. Swerve laughs at them but does nothing. The champions leave and Swerve vs. Dain is up next!

It is now confirmed — that six man “winner take all” match will take place on Sunday.

Killian Dain vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Dain is accompanied to the ring by Drake Maverick. Swerve laughs at Dain after the opening bell and immediately ducks under the ropes before Dain can retaliate. They finally meet in the middle and Dain takes over with a wrist lock. Maverick looks on and applauds at ringside as Dain repeatedly overpowers the leader of the Row. Swerve gets up staggering and kicks Dain while he’s on the ropes, Dain teases a dive to the outside as Swerve bails, Hit Row move out of the way and while “Top Dolla” AJ Francis is distracting him Swerve gets back in the ring and jumps him from behind. B-Fab provides another distraction and Dain is kicked off the apron to the floor. Swerve throws him back in and drives a forearm into his face before kicking him in the face. Ashante “Thee” Adonis eats popcorn from a plastic bag as he watches. What, did he bring that from home? Nobody had a popcorn bucket anywhere in the Capitol Wrestling Center for him? Swerve slaps Dain and Dain returns the favor. Forearms and punches drive Swerve into the corner. Dain whips him into a buckle and throws him down. Swerve flips over him and goes crisscross but Dain knocks him down with a crossbody. Dain picks Swerve up but Swerve fights his way out of it and kicks Dain in the head for a near fall. Maverick screams encouragement to Dain. Arm drag by Dain. Fireman’s carry again. Slam! Senton. Dain climbs the ropes, Row tries to distract, Maverick tries to help and Top Dolla destroys him on the ring apron in response. Swerve takes advantage and knocks Dain off the ropes. Kick to the face for a pin. Hit Row carefully step over the body of the prone Maverick on the outside.

The winner of this contest: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Video package of Poppy arriving earlier today. Candice LeRae: “You have the NXT women’s tag team champions here, and you talk about Poppy, that’s horrible, that’s terrible.” Indi Hartwell: “I heard Dexter Lumis put on my headphones last week and cried. I think he still loves me. I’m gonna go find him!” LeRae: “Why is this still happening?” Commercial.

Now Cameron Grimes is having his turn at showing off his wealth. He does a cannonball into his giant pool, lights his cigar with a hundred dollar bill, but coughs it up trying to smoke and nearly chokes on the whiskey when he tries to drink it. At the end he pulls away in his Rolls Royce, promising he’ll take DiBiase’s legacy “to, the, moon.” The lights go down in the Capitol Wrestling Center and Mrecedes Martinez is at the top of the entrance ramp, but Xia Li jumps her before she can even head to the ring. Li pummels her with kicks by the barricade, rips off her jacket, and throws Martinez into the ring. Martinez fires up with forearms and kicks Xia Li out. Her opponent is just standing in the ring watching this all unfold. Martinez throws Li over the barricade and gets back in the ring saying RING THE BELL. Her opponent is immediately hit with an Air Raid Crash for the pin.

The winner of this contest: Mercedes Martinez

(That opponent was Amari Miller a/k/a Camron Clay.) Breezango are backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. They’re asking all the questions though, not her. Breeze says Imperium have sour grapes. and if they have to beat them on their way back to the tag titles, that’s what they’ll do — and leave them to deal with WALTER’s wrath afterward. Fandango opens his shirt to show off his chest before leaving. Ted DiBiase is headed toward the ring for a segment after the break!

Poppy is backstage with William Regal and Triple H. Hunter says that her theme songs have been great on NXT but wants to know when her new album drops. Poppy: “Right now.” Hunter: “So you just push a button and the album drops?” Poppy: “Everywhere.” Hunter: “Technology is amazing!” Dexter Lumis walks in, stares at Poppy, and shows her a drawing. She accepts with a quiet “thank you” and then gives him a hug. Oh that’s going to make Indi Hartwell insane. Speaking of which she comes in on them hugging and loses her cool. Hunter: “That was a little awkward!” Meanwhile Grimes pulls up for the “priceless” announcement, and Knight pulls up right next to him at the same time. The chauffeur says Mr. DiBiase is waiting for them both in the ring. Grimes makes jokes.

Ted DiBiase’s announcement

“Before I make this priceless announcement, I want Cameron Grimes and L.A. Knight to join me in the ring.” Knight tries to slam the door to the backstage area on Grimes and enter by himself. Grimes takes over the P.A. system and cuts off Knight’s music to play his own. He enters the ring first and laughs at Knight for having one-upped him. DiBiase looks on with bemusement at their antics. DiBiase: “Gentlemen — this Sunday is the ultimate test. Both of you have proved yourself worthy, but now it’s time for both of you to climb the ladder of success.” He lowers a ladder from the ceiling as his music plays. Wade Barrett claims it’s a “solid gold” ladder. If it was it’d be so heavy it’d break the ring. Knight: “I stand head and shoulders above everybody walking the wrestling earth. So whether I need to knock that clown’s head off or climb this ladder to prove it, there’s no mountain I won’t climb or hillbilly I won’t step on to prove it. Who’s game is it? L.A. Knight’s game.” Grimes: “Hillbilly? You may be right Knight, I may be a hillbilly, but I’m worth a milly. I’m a hillbilly living on the hill top! DiBiase you said it’s not about the money, it’s about what happens in the ring, and when Cameron Grimes is in this ring, Cameron Grimes can not be beat. So take my money, take my fame, and I’m gonna take that Million Dollar legacy straight to, the, moon!” He climbs the ladder. Grimes: “But as I climb to the ceiling, I don’t see what I’m reaching for.” DiBiase: “I’m glad you asked. Gentlemen, bring it in.” His security team walk in with a briefcase and set it on a velvet draped pedestal. I think we all know what’s inside. DiBiase: “Gentlemen, the both of you will fight, crawl, grab, use every fiber of energy and muscle in your body, just so you can have this.” He opens it to reveal the Million Dollar Belt. Knight: “You can’t be serious right now!” Grimes is shaking with excitement. DiBiase: “Whoever wins this match on Sunday will have become the new Million Dollar champion.” DiBiase cackles as Grimes and Knight talk smack to each other and the music plays.

All of the men in the five-way face off are fighting backstage and William Regal is irate as he breaks it up. “Enough of this! No more!” We immediately go to commercial.

Ever-Rise is hosting a “pre” pre-show on Sunday. No offense gentlemen but I won’t be watching that one. Time for another match!

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. August Grey and Ikemen Jiro

It appears that James Drake and Zack Gibson have been given the chance to pick up a win tonight at 205 Live’s expense. Just as GYV are getting the upper hand Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher come down with chairs... and sit on them to watch the match! Grey gets knocked down with a clothesline and it’s time for a Ticket to Mayhem for the pin. Slightly longer than a squash but a squash all the same.

The winners of this match: Grizzled Young Veterans

Zack Gibson: “Have you lads not got the message? We are done with you. We have already proven we are better than you.” Tommaso Ciampa: “Y’all done get it do you? You’re not getting a title shot unless you go through us.” The chairs are thrown. Gibson: “If it’s a scrap you want, it’s a scrap you’ll get, but you’re not going to like it. Let’s do it next week, tornado rules.” Ciampa: “One, we just happen to love tornadoes. Two we don’t need no tags and three we don’t have to wait until next week.” Thatcher: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I’m going to enjoy breaking your limbs!” Candice LeRae is headed to the ring. Commercial!

Bobby Fish is hitting and kicking pads at the Performance Center. Fish: “Oney, don’t you think for one second I’ve forgotten about you.” This transitions to LeRae heading to the ring who demands her music be turned off. “I’m so sick of hearing about Poppy! Okay you know what? You hijacked my interview last week, and this week you stole Indi’s man, and don’t act like you didn’t know. Everybody knows In-Dex is a thing. She left in tears. Poppy, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can either come out here or I can give you a proper introduction to the NXT parking lot.” Poppy accepts! Here she comes.

Poppy: “I don’t wrestle, but I know someone who does.” Io Shirai’s music hits. She’s back! Shirai screams and circles Poppy as she makes her way to the ring. Poppy helps her disrobe and she jumps in the ring to hit a double leg takedown and a 6-1-9. LeRae is reeling. Top rope missile drop kick! LeRae bails and Shirai celebrates with Poppy as we go backstage to Dok Hendrix for a Takeover update. He reminds us about the six-man winner take all match made earlier tonight, notes Mercedes Martinez will face Xia Li, says Grimes and Knight will have a ladder match for the Million Dollar Belt, and Ember Moon faces Raquel González, before once again plugging the fatal five-way for the NXT championship. Commercial!

During the commercial break Raquel González and Dakota Kai stared holes through Io Shirai, setting up Kai’s match with Ember Moon right now! González accompanies her down to the ring as WWE promotes Poppy x Triple H t-shirts.

Dakota Kai vs. Ember Moon

Kai is in control of the match early, but she makes a mistake by slapping Moon in the face several times. Moon responds with an arm drag, a kick to the face, a takedown and a face buster for two. González tries to distract Moon to prevent the three count. Instead she gives Kai a snapmare and a kick as Kai screams in pain. Moon stands on her head, pulls her back up and hits an uppercut. Whip to the corner and a reverse splash. Moon gets Kai in the ropes and clubs her in the back. Kai responds with a forearm, drops to the floor, and spins her face first into the ring post before the commercial!

Moon gets a near fall right after we come back, Kai puts her down with kicks. Moon kips up and hits a somersault stunner for another near fall. She’s got Kai in a dragon sleeper as González looks on. Kai reverses it and plants Moon face first for a near fall, getting up selling her neck for a moment before grabbing a handful of Moon’s hair to kick her in the head. Cartwheel and axe kick knock Moon backward. Running knee drops her for two. González can’t believe Moon kicked out before three. Fireman’s carry from Kai. Moon elbows her way out and picks Kai up for a power bomb and a near fall. She screams in frustration when Kai kicks out. Kai goes out to the floor to recover. Moon follows her and González tries to interfere but gets dropped with a punch. Moon gets back in the ring and hits a suicide dive to wipe them both out! She throws Kai back into the ring and kicks her in the head. To the ropes! Time for the Eclipse? No! González gets in and kicks her in the face right in front of the ref for the disqualification.

The winner by DQ is Ember Moon

Moon takes a two on one beating, but someone avoids the one arm powerbomb, and goes up to the top rope to hit an Eclipse on González instead! She picks up the NXT women’s title and walks over to drop it on the champion’s chest before leaving.

Karrion Kross: “Gentlemen! You ahve all been afforded an opportunity to face me tonight. You don’t have to wait until Sunday to feel what it’s like to get flatlined. You think you can take me out? You really believe that? Here’s your chance to show the world what you can do. Don’t be late. Tick tock!” Commercial.

William Regal: “I am the GM. You may be the champion here, but you do not run this show, and this will not happen now.” Karrion Kross: “You don’t run anything, and you don’t run this show. It’s been out of control for a long time, and I’m not leaving the ring until the four of them come down here and get their asses kicked.” Kyle O’Reilly is the first to answer, saying Kross is “thin skinned” and the proof is the “vein in his forehead” that’s ready to burst. “It’s a matter of time before a guy like me walks down here and takes that title from you!” Gargano: “Somebody call a doctor. Those are some sick burns.” He gets on the announce desk. “Kross, you’re gonna let a guy in a jean jacket talk to you like that? Then again everybody knows you’re not Johnny Wrestling or Johnny Takeover, but if I were you, I’d go over there and choke Kyle out right now. Be careful though, try not to stumble on your way over there, you’re not the most graceful guy.” Kross invites him to get in the ring. Dunne: “Just shut it. I’m sick of all the taking. Come Sunday you can just call me NXT champion.” Cole appears on the Titantron and says they’re all chumps. “Right now in that ring Kross you’re the biggest moron of all. People think you’re champ and you’re unbeatable, but last week I verbally annihilated you and you didn’t do jack. Kross I can see right through you. The idea of going one on one with Adam Cole bay bay has you shaking in your boots. You don’t want people to see me run circles around you and I don’t blame you.” He reminds Kross he can beat anybody to take his title and make his whole total reign “one big disappointment” then allows them to get back to their “hissy fit.” O’Reilly: “Adam Cole is too much of a bitch to be here but that’s not me.” He walks over to Kross. “And who are you exactly?” O’Reilly answers him with a slap and E’RYBODY STARTS FIGHTING. Security gets in the ring and as they’re holding onto Kross the other three take advantage, before turning their wrath on each other. Kross nails them from behind and takes his belt back to stand in the middle of the ring. “One versus everyone!” Adam Cole superkicks him and nails him with a flying knee from behind. “Say hello to the new champ!” The NeXTras chant his name as he poses with the belt in the middle of the ring to send the show off the air with one last shout of “Adam Cole bay bay!!”

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