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Eva Marie returns to Raw next week

After waiting months following reports that she had signed a new deal with WWE to lead to some sort of announcement, the company finally started airing vignettes for Eva Marie’s big return weeks ago. We will only have to wait one more week for her to show up to Monday Night Raw, as revealed on this week’s episode:

“Over the last few weeks, you’ve heard my story. But that was only the beginning. It’s not easy running towards the peak of success, as glamorous as it may appear. I’ve had to put in a tremendous amount of dedication and passion to be where I am today. And now, it’s time to show you how I practice what I preach. The ability to inspire others comes from having the courage to show up and be seen. I plan to show the WWE Universe a side of me that no one has ever seen before. I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what it takes to make hard work and resiliency look effortless. You’ve waited long enough. Eva-lution is coming to Raw.”

So she’ll spend at least some time in the ThunderDome before the company goes back out on the road in the middle of next month. We won’t have to wait long for live crowds.

Exciting stuff!

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