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Good Brothers have had enough of the ‘Thank You’ tweets from released WWE talent

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Impact Wrestling’s YouTube

On the latest edition of their Talk’n Shop podcast, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows talked last week’s surprising WWE talent releases. The Impact duo admit that covering the topic was “clickbait”, but there’s no shame in this here internet game.

Which is why I have no problem sharing their conversation with their friend Rocky Romero about the tweets we often see from wrestlers shortly after the WWE wishes them well in their future endeavors.

Anderson: We know what it’s like to get canned from the WWE. And here’s the one bit of advice I would say; enough of the ‘Thank You’ tweets, Jesus Christ. Give me a fucking break. Listen, when you get canned - let it go, baby. Let it go.

Gallows: Let me throw you a hashtag to throw out: #Thankful

Anderson: How about #FuckOff.

Romero: But I think it’s okay to thank the fans though

Gallows: Fans, yes!

Anderson: Listen, this is just our opinion. I don’t think less than 24 hours after being fired... take a second to take a breather. Take it easy with the thank you bullshit within 24 hours. Breathe it in. Think about it. Take it all in for one second.

Gallows: Maybe put together a plan of attack...

Anderson: A plan of attack before you start thanking all these motherfuckers that fired you...

It’s an interesting (if somewhat tongue in cheek) take.

On the one hand, as I said when talking about Braun Strowman’s response to his release last week, the proverbial “attitude of gratitude” is usually the best way to deal with most of life’s bullshit - at least in my experience. The plans of action I’ve made after a setback usually go better for me when I don’t burn a bridge, or get sidetracked ranting about how I was wronged.

Plus, some of the talents being released probably are thankful for the opportunities WWE gave them, and/or hope to end up there again some day.

But I’d also be lying if I said I don’t roll my eyes a bit when I see the “‘Thank You’ tweets”. You can be grateful and non-resentful without publicly shouting out the company that just laid you off.

What say you, Cagesiders? Are the Good Brothers right? Do you want to see more #FuckYous than #ThankYous after the next round of WWE cuts?