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An actual Twitter exchange between Asuka & Batista

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Dave Bautista and Asuka are legends in the wrestling business and online. They’ve got different styles though, especially in that latter arena.

The Empress of Tomorrow is defiantly quirky, delivering a barrage of the unexpected that charms her friends and followers while intimidating her rivals. The Animal isn’t shy about sharing his real thoughts on any & every topic - WWE booking, show business, politics, being horny on main... you name it.

These social media icons have been crossing paths over the past 24 hours. And the results are quite something.

It started with Asuka making like one of Batista’s old Evolution mates, hitting us with this OUT OF NOWHERE!

Even Big Dave was thrown by that at first...

He thought about it for a couple hours, and decided...

Somehow, it’s not the sultriest thing Batista’s tweeted at a WWE Superstar. Nor is it completely unexpected. The Hall of Famer has been a vocal Asuka fan for a while.

And if the Empress don’t mind...

... who are we to object?