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WWE Raw preview (June 7, 2021): Shayna Baszler is feuding with a stupid doll

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Raw airs tonight (June 7) live from the ThunderDome in the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida. This is the fourth Raw episode during the five week build towards the upcoming Hell in a Cell event on June 20.

WWE has no clue what they’re doing with Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler is a legitimate shoot fighting badass, yet WWE has her feuding with an evil doll. Nothing more really needs to be said to explain how WWE is clueless when it comes to booking Baszler.

The Queen of Spades has been losing singles matches all year via devastating roll-ups. Lately, she’s had a run of bad luck with Kane’s pyro going off at the worst times, and it led to her losing a match against Reginald last week. This was just one more example of Reginald being a focal point of WWE’s women’s storylines for most of 2021, because women’s wrestling is a mess in WWE.

Shayna smartened up and realized that Alexa Bliss’ voodoo is the cause of her recent troubles, so she decided to find Alexa on her playground and tell Lilly that “You’re just a stupid doll.” That premium trash talk was the setup for tonight’s Raw, where Shayna will appear on Alexa’s playground. That’s right, Shayna briefly appeared on Alexa’s playground last week to set up a longer appearance on Alexa’s playground this week, because repetition is the name of the game in WWE.

I think Baszler will quickly learn that things actually can get worse than dealing with Reginald. This is Alexa and Lilly’s first feud since breaking away from Bray Wyatt, which means that stupid doll is probably going to whoop Shayna Baszler’s ass.

The title scene

There will be a tag team Battle Royal tonight between The New Day, R-K-Bro, Lucha House Party, The Viking Raiders, and MACE & T-BAR. The winner of the match becomes the top contenders for the Raw tag team titles that are currently held by Omos & AJ Styles. Considering how Randy Orton and Matt Riddle have been using each other’s signature moves to take out Xavier Woods lately, and that most of these other teams don’t matter, it feels like R-K-Bro are the big favorites in this bout. It’s also worth noting that this is Erik and Ivar’s first match since Apr. 19, and they technically haven’t lost since returning from injury.

Now that Drew McIntyre has beaten Kofi Kingston to earn another shot at Bobby Lashley’s WWE championship, a contract signing has been booked between Drew and Bob for their upcoming match at Hell in a Cell 2021. Contract signings typically occur on the go-home episode, which this is not, so perhaps tonight’s contract signing will end in a non-finish and we’ll get a re-do next week. That’s essentially what WWE did with Sasha Banks and Bayley before last year’s Hell in a Cell card.

Charlotte Flair is set to challenge Rhea Ripley for the Raw women’s championship at Hell in a Cell 2021. Considering that the champ and the challenger have both lost matches against Nikki Cross in recent weeks, perhaps they’ll spend these final two Raw episodes before the PPV getting their respective wins back. Otherwise Cross should be looking to get herself added to their championship match for being so good at running away for two minutes at a time.

Lana was released by WWE last week and is free to do sexy things with Miro, which means Raw only has one team left to challenge Tamina and Natalya for the Women’s tag team titles. That team is the Sexy Muscle Friends (Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose), who happened to pin Lana on her way out the door last week. There’s no championship match booked yet, but it’s only a matter of time considering that almost no other teams exist in this division.

Sheamus had a rough night on last week’s Raw, losing two matches against lower card guys and suffering a broken nose in the process. The United States champion has vowed that he will not vacate the title, so we’ll see how WWE authority figures Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce feel about that idea. Sheamus has yet to defend the title in the two months that he’s been the champion, so it’s functionally no different if they just let him hold the title during his recovery.

Other stuff to keep an eye on

- Elias abandoned Jaxson Ryker last week, because WWE loves breaking up tag teams. The angle seemed to open the door for a Ryker babyface turn. We’ll probably find out tonight if that’s indeed where this story is headed.

- Now that Braun Strowman is gone from WWE, is it Damian Priest’s time to step up and take that upper card spot on Raw? Or will Priest continue to only appear in backstage talking segments and/or feud with Miz and Morrison?

- Cedric Alexander has cheated to defeat Shelton Benjamin on two consecutive episodes of Raw. Can that really be how their story ends, or will Shelton come looking for Cedric once again tonight?

- Mustafa Ali advised Mansoor to trust nobody in WWE. Does that mean Mansoor shouldn’t trust whoever told him that he needs bigger muscles to get more television time?

- Asuka’s absence from Raw is always a bad thing, as we saw last week. Hopefully WWE creative will be ready for Asuka tonight.

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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