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The Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight was a bad sports entertainment spectacle

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Boxing: Mayweather vs Paul Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Before the fight ever got underway, Floyd Mayweather made it clear that this was all about entertainment when he said that while he retired from boxing many years ago, he did not retire from entertaining. You might even call him a sports entertainer at this point!

To that end, he linked up with YouTube star Logan Paul for an eight-round exhibition match tonight (Sun., June 6, 2021) in Miami, Florida. It was an exhibition match because no athletic commission would sanction the fight due to size and experience discrepancies (Mayweather weighed in at 155 pounds while Paul weighed in at 189. Mayweather was 50-0 as a professional boxer, Paul just 0-1). That meant no judges, so no winner would be declared if they went the distance. Knockouts were on the table, though.

Mayweather let Paul do his thing early, moving around and setting his offense up for later rounds. Paul exploded at the end of the first round with a lot of punches that did absolutely no damage, and he was sweating heavily to start the second round.

It wasn’t long before Mayweather was turning it on and landing punches while Paul was jabbing to keep distance or clinching with him. By the end of the 4th round, Paul looked gassed, though he had at least landed a big right hand in the round. The problem, of course, is Mayweather didn’t seem to respect it at all.

To his credit, Paul kept trying. He didn’t quit. Even when Floyd was stalking him, setting him up for shot after shot, doing whatever he wanted, Paul, despite having to bend over in his corner to catch his breath between rounds, clearly exhausted, kept coming back for more.

After the sixth round, Showtime had Mauro Ranallo talk about Mayweather’s match with Big Show in WWE at WrestleMania to give a look back at his history of exhibition matches. Ranallo commented “it’s all my worlds colliding tonight, pro wrestling, MMA, boxing!”


The boos started raining down on them both when it reached round 8 and started looking like a knockout may not happen. With no decision coming, fans were expecting an actual finish. Instead, they were treated to Paul hugging Mayweather while commentary talked about throwing Floyd some brass knuckles to finish the job.

He never did.

The fight ended and, because no one was declared the victor, everyone would get the chance to spin whatever narrative they see fit. For his part, Mayweather said he had fun and Paul was much better than he thought. “Good little work, good guy. I had fun.”

As for the future, Mayweather was noncommittal on the possibility of another exhibition match, potentially against Logan’s brother, Jake Paul.

When it was Logan’s turn to talk, he put over the fact that he managed to beat the odds and achieve big things by getting to box Floyd Mayweather. He admitted he’ll go home and wonder if Floyd let him survive, but he’s really happy with everything. Then he mentioned the possibility of Paul vs. Mayweather 2.

Something tells me that wouldn’t do anywhere near the numbers this show likely did.

That’s why this was ultimately just a bad sports entertainment spectacle. It wasn’t particularly fun as a stand alone boxing match, there was no finish, and they did absolutely nothing to set up future business.

Hey, maybe Jericho can get that match with Mayweather now. It would probably feature much better booking.