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Triple H gets Philadelphia 76ers hyped for playoff game

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Joel Embiid isn’t just a star center for the Philadelphia 76ers, he’s also a fan of D-Generation X. We know because he said it, but also because he started using the “suck it” gimmick to celebrate during games.

Naturally, seeing an opportunity to promote itself, WWE got right to business and sent Triple H out to Philly for Game 1 of their playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks:

He was there to ring the Liberty Bell prior to tip off:

“Thrust the Process” actually makes me laugh, a perfect play on words that blends DX’s old rebellion with Philadelphia’s motto for its rebuild. It’s fun, as these things should be.

As for what happened in the actual game, well, it’s still ongoing as of this writing but the Sixers have been getting destroyed throughout much of the game. It looks like they’re on their way to being down 0-1 in the series.

There’s still time, though, and more games to play.

Thrust the Process.

Update: The 76ers made a game of it, clawing back from being down nearly 30 points to within three, but ultimately lost 128-124.