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SmackDown bounces back for a ratings win

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There was still competition from the NBA and NHL playoffs, but it wasn’t the start of a holiday weekend. So perhaps that explains why SmackDown’s audience number was still pretty crappy on June 4, but not quite as crappy as the week before.

According to the overnights reported by SpoilerTV, the blue brand pulled 1,792,000 viewers last night. That’s ~32K more than on May 28 episode of SmackDown.

Ratings also climbed. SpoilerTV says WWE got a .5 among 18 - 49 year olds for FOX, while TVSeriesFinale is claiming SmackDown hit .7 with that demographic. Seems like an error, but if they’re right, it would be the first time the show’s done that since last November.

Mostly, the discrepancy makes us miss Showbuzz Daily for the third or fourth time this week.. Either way though, it means SmackDown won the night in the demo.

We’ll know more when final numbers come out next week, and we’ll see if the Tribal Chief can keep his show humming along as we get closer to WWE heading back out on the road.

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