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Sheamus and his surgically repaired face are keeping the U.S. title

Sheamus’s Twitter

On the May 31 Raw, Sheamus got caught with a stiff forearm from Humberto Carrillo that left him bloodied. Word quickly came out he’d suffered a broken nose. We also heard that while it was possible WWE might not clear him to compete, the Celtic Warrior didn’t want to miss any time.

Sheamus quickly followed up on that to make it clear he had no plans to vacate his United States championship. In the process, he showed us just how jacked up his nose was.

Jacked up enough to send him to hospital yesterday (Fri., June 4) for some sort of repair procedure that required IVs and monitors

He came thought okay, and probably shouldn’t risk getting smashed in the face any time soon. But still, the man says we can have his red, white and blue belt when we pry it...

Considering he still hasn’t defended the U.S. title in the almost two months since he won it a WrestleMania 37? Something tells me WWE officials will give him a couple weeks.

Get well soon, fella.