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Randy Orton with an astute assessment of his tag partner’s game

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There are several truths we hold dear here at Cageside Seats. Two of them are...

  1. IDGAF Randy Orton is the best Randy Orton
  2. Twitter Randy Orton is top shelf IDGAF Randy Orton

These truisms have held during his nascent partnership with Riddle. While Bro’s “you won’t like him when he’s angry” stoner routine is admittedly a part of the equation, many of us hadn’t quite embraced him as a solo act (for various reasons) until he started interacting with The Viper on a regular basis.

And their on-screen verbal and non-verbal banter has been excellent. But the occasional tweets old Randall Keith has added to their program have really been [chef’s kiss].

He hit us with another one yesterday (June 4), and it is as spot on as always...

I can’t wait until these guys are tag champs. And for Riddle to give Randy some custom flip-flops to celebrate the win... then for Orton to $#!+ in the shoe box.