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Otis wants the smoke

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Otis certainly hasn’t disappeared since his Money in the Bank briefcase/Mandy Rose storyline wrapped up last fall. But while he and Chad Gable have been regulars in the SmackDown Tag Team scene, it still feels like he’s been adrift all year.

But this gives me hope...

These scenes from last night led to the booking of a match between Alpha Academy and Street Profits for the June 11 SmackDown.

It could just be a quick way to give the former Tag champs a win after they put over The Usos last week. But in the not-unlikely event this becomes an ongoing feud/series of rematches, I’m excited about the possibilities for both teams.

There’s some interesting character dynamics in play here. Gable & Otis are set-up as the heels, but they’re not completely wrong. Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins do seem to have a bit more edge to them since losing their belts. All four men are good talkers, so we could be in for some good trash talk and turn teases.

All four men are even better wrestlers, though. Tag matches aren’t going to regularly get 20 minutes of television time, but whatever time they do get should be excellent.

So if Alpha Academy wants The Smoke? I want to see them get it.