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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (June 4, 2021): Whose side are you on?

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Find me something better than this story in wrestling right now.

What makes this show even more special is that I didn’t see it starting or ending like this. And it was masterful.

Roman Reigns kicked off his show and said that Paul Heyman advised him and ended up changing his mind about Jimmy and Jey going after the SmackDown tag team titles. And that kind of proves that what I was saying was right all along - Reigns did not want Jey to be a winner, because he is the centerpiece. Jey was just there to be his attack dog.

Along comes Jimmy and all of a sudden, attack dog wants to chase a different steak.

The little touches are so great here, too. Jimmy and Jey come out and after Jey acknowledges him, he tells Jimmy too, but Jimmy reminds him of when he did the acknowledging at Hell in a Cell last year. Then to get in Jey’s head, Reigns calls him Jimmy “by accident” of course. Bastard. (I love you you’re not a bastard!)

So they have the tag titles match immediately. I thought that this would end the show originally. They’re having a good match with some great looking sell spots from Jimmy for the young Mysterio, and the baseball slide into the Samoan drop to Rey, but then Dom rolls up Jimmy and Jimmy kicks out at two. However, the referee didn’t see that.

So the Usos lost and Reigns was irate, but there was a legitimate reason for a rematch. Reigns was so damn great on this show heeling it up like a jerk. So Jey and Jimmy went to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, and after “reviewing the footage” they got themselves a rematch. Cool!

And then Reigns ruined it by interfering when it appeared that Jimmy was going to take the pin again. Keyword - appeared. Reigns pummeled the Mysterios and was just brutal. Something that I found interesting though, was that throughout this, Jimmy was just holding his head in the corner of the ring. He saw what Reigns was doing, but he didn’t try and stop it when it was looking like he could have.

Only when Reigns had the Guillotine on Dom in the ring did he even speak up. I found that interesting. Jimmy tells Jey to follow him up the ramp, but conflicted Jey stood in the corner as Reigns angrily approached him.

This shit is so damn good. Whose side is Jey on? And what’s up with Jimmy not being the brave babyface and stopping the beatdown before it got to the Guillotine? I have another theory right now that maybe Jimmy is kind of okay with Roman meddling even though he knows it’s wrong. He sure looked conflicted himself when he was telling Roman to stop. I’m going to keep this in mind for next week.

Is it next week already?

Let’s get to the rest of the main hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

What’s so funny?

It’s so great when something I hope happens actually ends up happening.

Bianca Belair came out to challenge Bayley for Hell in a Cell, and said that all her life she was used to people laughing at her. She would outshine everyone and would be told not to, and she was called man-ish because of her muscles.

So she called Bayley out, and crickets. All of a sudden, you could hear Bayley’s evil laugh and I swear to everything that I said to myself “Oh man, it would be great if all of the ThunderDome screens turned into Bayley.” Honest to God, I said that.

I was saddened to just see Bayley on the tron, and she accepted the challenge from her shrine to herself somewhere remotely.

And then she started laughing again. And then ALL THE THUNDERDOME SCREENS TURNED INTO BAYLEY LAUGHING!

It was quite a visual and it worked really well to further this story. Come on, that’s just incredible, isn’t it?

Bayley is in Bianca’s head. This was great stuff.


Seth Rollins had probably his nicest suit on for this.

After the recap, Rollins said that he doesn’t owe anyone any answers. And when Kayla asked what would happen when Cesaro returned, he did probably the best thing ever — threw the microphone off his suit and just laughed in Kayla’s face.

Hey, look, I’ve been enjoying his promos as of late, but even I can get a bit irked.

That suit was great, though. Definitely one of the more muted ones in his wardrobe.

I’m really excited to see where this goes when Cesaro gets back. We haven’t seen a big comeback brawl from him in quite a while and it should be a real good time.

The Rest

Apollo Crews defeated Kevin Owens

Commander Azeez was banned from ringside, but not banned from the building. Owens should have been smarter. The ever valiant Owens decided to continue and go into the match, but Crews naturally took advantage of the beatdown. Crews dominated most of the match targeting Owens’ ribs. Every time Owens would gain momentum, his injuries would halt him in his tracks. Crews got his knees up on a Swanton bomb and even a standing moonsault couldn’t put Owens away. Two superkicks and a pop up power bomb couldn’t put Crews away. But the Death Valley driver on the apron did the job for him. This was a very good match.

And then karma Sami Zayn attacked Owens to keep that feud going forever, which I don’t mind but like... WrestleMania guys. Really? I kind of do mind in a sense because that show became just another show when it should have been a much bigger one. A feud ending one. But I trust Owens and Zayn to give us another banger.

King Corbin defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

The Boogs cruise was the one that got struck this time. Pat McAfee’s reactions to these segments always manages to make them better. Corbin thought he was going to get his crown back just because he won, but didn’t realize that’s not how it works. Keep on rockin’ Boogs.

Carmella defeated Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan, who Cole decided to say was “going it alone,” couldn’t even get a week to cope with Ruby Riott getting fired before losing to Carmella. That sucks. She got some good offense and looked smart but it seems Carmella is getting another push, minus sommelier. Let’s see where this goes. One thing is for sure though — Liv Morgan deserves better.

Grade: A-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?