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Finally, some online sexiness from Miro & Lana WWE can’t get mad about

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Miro’s Instagram

CJ “Lana” Perry and her husband Miro (fka as Rusev) were rumored to be in trouble with WWE on a regular basis throughout their runs with the company.

From having news of their engagement leak while they were broken up on-screen, to a variety of illicit online behavior, we heard about “Lana heat” so often, it should have its own entry in the kayfabe dictionary.

Even after Rusev’s release, he was being asked to comment on the possibility his AEW debut was going to get the missus in trouble. But after this week’s shocking releases, Perry is also an ex-WWE contractor. So even if the folks in Stamford or Orlando get upset about this slightly cheeky exchange, it doesn’t matter!

Those two.

I’d say they can get up to whatever they want to now that they don’t work for Vince McMahon, but they already did it in a tank. Kind of hard to top that.

Whatever they come up with, at least there won’t be any heat on Lana for it!