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WWE wants Mansoor to have bigger muscles

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Having big muscles is a pretty reliable foundation for getting a push in WWE. Just ask Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre, who were both released earlier in their careers with WWE, only to return with a new physique and eventually become WWE champion.

That brings me to Mansoor, who debuted on Raw one month ago in a match against Sheamus. Mansoor doesn’t have big muscles. Sheamus does have big muscles. Not surprisingly, Mansoor’s debut match ended with him laid out by a Brogue Kick and his winning streak wiped out.

Mansoor has yet to wrestle another match on Raw since then. It’s possible that he’s just too darn scrawny for Vince McMahon’s tastes right now.

In a column for Arab News, Mansoor says WWE told him that he needs to bulk up:

“We are working on my image — new music, new logos etc. — because now I have been introduced, it is important to establish my character on the show. To do all of that on a huge stage such as RAW is a little intimidating, but very exciting.

I am growing, learning and having these huge life experiences, and it is bizarre to think about how crazy this journey has been. The transition from performing on NXT to performing on RAW or SmackDown is so big. To even appear on the show once puts you in such an exclusive club so I take it as a privilege.

One of the things WWE said is they would like me to put on some muscle mass, and right now I am working with Sheamus’s personal trainer, who has been really helpful.”

How much size do you think Mansoor needs to put on until he’s big enough to be a future WWE champion?