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Otis adds a new haircut to his new look

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Look, I was just getting used to heel Otis’ clean-shaven face. You know, the one that makes him look like ‘80s screen legend, Mark Holton?

So I’m just not ready for the him to do away with the slicked back long hair look. But based on his appearance on The Bump this morning (June 30), that’s exactly what he’s done...

While we’re waiting for his former peach to weigh in on this latest image tweak, we’ll throw something else at you. Under Chad Gable’s tutelage at the Alpha Academy, Dozer’s also ditched his Macho Man-esque delivery. As my pal Kyle Decker said in the Cageside Offices, “Otis sounds so normal.”

We’ll see if all these changes lead to a better post-Money in the Bank run this year for Otis. You’d think it would be hard to top winning the briefcase last year. But as he alludes to later in The Bump interview, that was followed by the lackluster break-up angle with his tag partner/straight-man Tucky, an unceremonious end to his storyline with Mandy Rose, and losing the contract to The Miz.

Still... I miss “Steaks and Weights” era Dozovic.