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Raw ratings continue to fall to historic lows

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The usual caveats apply.

Television ratings are down across the board (including those for cable news, which has experienced a precipitous fall with less Trump in our collective political diet). The June 28 edition of WWE Raw went up against an NBA playoff game watched by 5.7 million people, and game one of the Stanley Cup Finals, which drew 1.66 million. And wrestling shows continue to perform well relative to all competition, especially with the under 50 demographic groups advertisers pay attention to.

Still, as a Genetic Freak once said, the numbers don’t lie. And the viewership and ratings data provided by Wrestlenomics for Monday includes some near record lows for WWE’s longest running show.

Average viewership across all three hours was 1.57 million, down almost nine percent from the week before. The rating among 18 - 49 year olds fell even more; June 28’s .41 was a drop of roughly 16% from June 21’s number.

That’s the third smallest audience in the show’s history - and the second lowest was a month ago. The demo rating ties last Dec. 14’s episode for the lowest in history.

Make of it what you will, and whatever we make of it doesn’t really matter as long as NBCUniversal is okay with it. The return of live crowds and the push to a star-studded SummerSlam should help, then the return of the NFL shortly thereafter should hurt.

We’ll keep giving you a place to theorize about what it all means.

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