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Ruby Riott’s response to her WWE release is heartbreaking

Ruby Riott was one of six wrestlers released by WWE yesterday. It’s rumored that her release hit the locker room especially hard because she is so well regarded by her peers.

Riott responded to her release on Instagram, and it’s heartbreaking to read:

“Well... here it goes.

I’ve never been good at this sort of stuff. Yesterday in a matter of minutes, my life changed very drastically. But after some tears, some panic and a full box of Oreos, I was able look back at how lucky I’ve been to accomplish what have. I never thought I’d make it to WWE. I’ve been honored to be apart of a Squad of the most incredible women I’ve ever met, I’ve gotten to see the world, share locker rooms with some of the most talented women I know, some of which I’ve made lifelong friendships with. I’ve gotten to meet fans that were just like me, introverted kids, who never quite felt like they fit in. And between the locker room and those fans, I felt like I belonged and I’m so grateful for that feeling. With that, I am overwhelmed by the amount of calls/texts/tweets and support that I have received from former coworkers, friends, family and fans. Thank you so much for the kind words. You’ll never know how much it helped. As for what’s the beginning “Heidi Lovelace” was given to me, at the end “Ruby Riott” was taken away. So I don’t know what I’ll be called or where I’ll end up. But please know this is far from over. Thank you.”

Riott mentions the tears and panic she endured as a result of WWE’s profit-ensuring decision. Being part of the locker room gave her a sense of belonging that can be hard to find for so many introverted people.

She thanks everyone who offered her words of support and encouragement and admits that she doesn’t know what’s next, but sounds determined to keep kicking ass in pro wrestling.

I don’t know what’s next for her either, but I do know that Liv Morgan was right about Riott’s release, which means plenty of pro wrestling companies should be knocking on her door soon enough.

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