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CM Punk calls WWE ‘trash’ after their latest surprise releases

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The talk of the wrestling world is all about yesterday’s shocking news that WWE released Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, and several more wrestlers.

Strowman’s release was a surprise due to his regular presence in the upper card for the last four years. Meanwhile Black, Ruby Riott, and Buddy Murphy stand out as three wrestlers whose talents were largely wasted on WWE’s main roster over the last couple of years.

CM Punk and Renee Paquette are no strangers to how the WWE machine operates. The company is an extremely profitable corporate juggernaut, but so many decisions still come down to the whims of one out-of-touch old man. This chaotic process often leaves wrestling fans scratching their heads. For example, how can Aleister Black be suddenly released after WWE spent so much time hyping up his return and then featuring him in the show-closing angle on SmackDown less than two weeks ago?

Renee Paquette isn’t alone when she points out the obvious poor management on display stemming from yesterday’s releases:

Then there’s Punk, who captured many fans’ frustrations by offering this description of the WWE product:

It’s hard to disagree with Punk’s assessment, particularly with some recent episodes of Raw coming off more like uninspired reruns than anything worth watching. The current promos in WWE are probably the worst they’ve ever been, and it sometimes feels like there is little to no hope for fresh young stars to break through. Vince McMahon has a certain type of wrestler he likes to showcase, and there is a ceiling for anybody who doesn’t fit that mold.

You know the creative process is broken when an incredibly gifted wrestler like Adam Cole only has a low probability chance to become a top star on the main roster. In fact, looking back on the history of NXT champions, it can be easily argued that Cole is much better off staying right where he is on NXT. Check out this interesting tidbit pointed out by Inside the Ropes:

Yeah, it’s no kidding that so many NXT fans absolutely dread the day that their favorite wrestler is called up to join Vince McMahon’s grossly mismanaged trash fantasy world.

Do you agree with Paquette and Punk’s characterizations of WWE in the aftermath of yesterday’s releases?