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Ricochet & John Morrison did a move so cool it deserves its own Cool Moves!

Apologies for the lack of cool moves last week, Cool Moves™ fans. I love y’all, but I wasn’t spending my vacation searching for and making GIFs of wrestling spots (the missus certainly wouldn’t have liked it).

Anyway, I should still have a post with more moves at some point later this week, but I didn’t want to sit on this one until I’ve rounded up a few more. Ricochet springboard splashing John Morrison off the ringside barricade was just too “HOLY $#!+!”

The spot makes me think a few things...

  1. It’s great that Ricochet is getting another chance to show off his amazing skills on one of wrestling’s biggest stages.
  2. It’s very cool that Morrison is doing at least part of what he told talkSPORT he wanted to do in his second WWE run: “I want to create moments that people remember” (Gonna have to keep working on that whole “main eventing WrestleMania” thing, Moist Man).
  3. While I won’t mourn the ThunderDome, it did provide an environment where wrestlers, agents & producers could come up with some really badass stuff like this.

But mostly, my reaction is pretty much the same as Miz’s...

Also, Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo 4 Life.