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Nikki Cross has a win streak, and maybe a new name?

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I’ve been pushing for WWE to do something with Nikki Cross on the main roster since her tag title run with Alexa Bliss ended last year.

She’s getting a chance now... but I still haven’t decided if this is a case of “be careful what you wish for”.

Cross rang up what was technically her seventh win in a row when she beat Shayna Baszler last night on Raw (June 28). The victory was somewhat aided by Bliss, with whom Nikki is kind of partnering with again even though Alexa’s Bray Wyatt-like behavior that led to their first split is more evident than ever. But none of the wins Cross has racked up since her last defeat (to Bliss in February) has been clean, or terribly convincing. Two of them were Beat The Clock challenges where Charlotte Flair or Rhea Ripley beat Nikki’s ass or cleaned her clock after the buzzer went off.

The other thing that’s been going on the last couple weeks is that the Scotswoman has taken on a Hurricane/Mighty Molly character. Last week, she debuted her costume. This week, she gave herself a superhero name. Or should I say, an Almost a Super Hero name.

Nikki has personality for days, and hokey as this gimmick is... I think she’s selling it?

The test will come in a little more than two weeks, when Nikki A.S.H. makes her debut in front of live fans. She could be rejected, but I don’t think she will be. Shane Helms and his various sidekicks (special shout out to Roman Reigns’ late brother Matt, who I loved as Rosey, the Super Hero In Training - get it?!?!) got the same thing over in a big way, and at a time when the entire audience wasn’t as familiar with all things comic book.

Cross’ charisma and the crowd’s comfort with superhero schtick just might make this thing a hit.

What do you think? And how many wins will Nikki A.S.H. ring up while we find out?