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Nobody seems to agree on why he was out, but Damian Priest is back

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Damian Priest hadn’t worked a match since May 17, when he won his second lumberjack match in two nights (the one that was against John Morrison, and free of zombies).

But he returned last night (June 28) on Raw, lasting until the end of the battle royal for a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match next month. Priest was the last man eliminated by Riddle, who was competing in honor of his “best friend” Randy Orton.

During the past week of Priest’s month-plus absence, we’ve heard different things about why he was out. Wrestling Observer said it was related to a back injury. Fightful’s sources didn’t back that up, however. That site reported the Archer of Infamy wasn’t out with a specific injury. PWInsider chimed in this morning to say Priest was off television becuase he was “dealing with some personal matters.”

Whatever the reason, it was good to see the 39 year old back in action. In addition to just being a lot of fun, the Bad Bunny WrestleMania angle did a lot to establish Priest as at least a solid upper midcard act, and it would be a shame if he didn’t at least get a chance to build off that push.

His strong showing in the battle royal looks like a sign he’ll get that chance.