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WWE NXT results, live blog (June 29, 2021): Great American Bash go home

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel González & Dakota Kai vs. Zoey Stark & Io Shirai to decide who challenges The Way for the Women’s Tag Team titles at Great American Bash, Xia Li & Boa take on Mercedes Martinez & Jake Atlas in a mixed tag match, Cameron Grimes returns to action, MSK faces off with Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher ahead of their Tag title showdown next week, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


It’s Tuesday night. Let’s do this!

Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs. Raquel González & Dakota Kai vs. Zoey Stark & Io Shirai (triple threat number one contender’s match)

Team T.C.B. enter first, followed by Zoey Stark and Io Shirai, with Raquel & Dakota arriving last. González wastes no time clearing house after the opening bell, but Ember Moon and Io Shirai quickly they need to take her out. They try a double team drop kick and eat a double clothesline right after. Moon takes González with a tilt a whirl, stomps Shirai down to the mat, and Blackheart tags in for a sunset flip near fall. Wade Barrett says the referee is losing control and he’s not wrong as all six omen are in the ring. Shirai dives onto the pile outside the ring and Blackheart follows suit, leaving Ember Moon on the apron, and she does the same thing. Stark gets to the top rope and finishes it off as we go to a commercial break.

And we’re back with Raquel González woman-handling Shotzi Blackheart and Io Shirai, but it backfires as the latter reverses her and does a double foot stomp. She tags Zoey Stark and Dakota Kai gets a tag as well. Stark knocks González off the apron and hits Kai with a German suplex, but Moon breaks up the pinfall. Sliding dropkick by Stark to Kai for a near fall. Stark gets up with the other women down. She whips Kai to the corner, follows up with an elbow, and tags Shirai in. Kai is left on the ropes for Shirai’s 6-1-9. Springboard missile dropkick and a cover before Blackheart hits a senton to break it up. Enzuigiri and a knee lift to Shirai from Blackheart. Reverse slingblade and a tag to Moon. Shirai eats a dropkick from Moon for two. Kai eats kicks and a forearm. Blackheart tags back in. Double underhook suplex from Blackheart for a near fall. Kai is saved from a pinning predicament by González and every woman is in the ring. Kai is set up on the top rope and every woman comes over for a stacked up superplex until González breaks it up. She plants Moon in the center of the ring, power bombs Blackheart, and is taken out by kicks from Shirai and Stark. Double foot stomp by Kai. She eats double knees from Shirai. Shirai goes for a crossface but Kai escapes and hits a kick to the jaw. Backbreaker from Shirai. Top rope. Moonsault! González eats it to save Kai. Moon grabs Shirai by the hair. Shirai pulls Moon out of the ring by the boots. Senton by Blackheart. Moon hits the Eclipse. Kai hits the Go 2 Kick. Kai rolls up Shirai for a near fall. Uppercut by Shirai to Kai. Top rope. Moonsault! That’s the final blow.

The winners of the contest: Zoey Stark & Io Shirai

Karrion Kross gets wiped out backstage by Johnny Gargano, crashing him into a garage door at the Performance Center, and as blackshirts hold Kross back he screams “Oh is that how it’s going to be? You’re a dead man Johnny!” Commercial.

Video package about the 2019 NXT Breakout Tournament when we come back. This is to inform us that the tournament will return in two weeks. McKenzie Mitchell interviews Bronson Reed and he says if it wasn’t for that tournament, he wouldn’t have gotten to the North American title in 2021. Hit Row interrupts and Swerve reminds him that they were both in it. Top Dolla says Bronson Reed is scared. “Dolla King, all you are is talk.” Swerve: “If you’re the champion you say you are, you’ll put that title on the line tonight against me.” Reed: “You got it.”

Karrion Kross has something to say

“Mr. Gargano! Touche, touche. Last week I got you, this week, you got me. That’s all very cute but unfortunately for you I’m willing to die by the sword I live by, and I’m wondering if you are willing to do the same. Johnny, I dare you to walk down to this ring and see how well you fare when I can see the shot coming. Don’t make me wait little man!”

Gargano: “You dare me Kross? Because I’m right here. You think I’m afraid of you? You know who the hell I am? Last week the big bad champion jumped me like a coward. This week I’m going to beat you at your own game. You want me to get in the ring? That’s my world you’re standing in. I don’t have a sword, but what I have is actual talent. I may not be bigger than you, but I’m smarter than you.” Austin Theory jumps Kross while he’s looking at Gargano. Kross recovers and knocks them both out of the ring. Kross slams Gargano into the plexiglass repeatedly and rips apart the steel steps. Blackshirts swarm Kross and prevent him from doing whatever he hand in mind. Gargano hits Kross with a superkick. Samoa Joe gets in Kross’ face and dares him to do something. Kross: “You’re doing a hell of a job Joe!” He leaves. Diamond Mine is up next as we go to commercial.

The charging phone battery is now up to 61% for those keeping track. Gargano and Theory are fleeing the building to avoid the wrath of Kross. Theory: “That was the best superkick I’ve ever seen!” Meanwhile William Regal made Bronson Reed vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott official as tonight’s main event. And now... the Diamond Mine have arrived. Roderick Strong is going to represent the faction for a one-on-one match. He gets hugs and handshakes from all of them before the match gets underway

Roderick Strong vs. Asher Hale

Wade Barrett is explaining who Hideki Suzuki is as Strong works Hale over on the ground. Hale tries to roll through but can’t even keep Strong’s shoulders down for one. Hale throws a kick, Strong catches it, Hale reverses it and goes for an ankle lock then tries to jump on his back for a rear naked choke. Strong slams his head into a turnbuckle and hits one of his patented back breakers. Forearms and a chop. Clubbing blow to the back. Hale slumps in the corner and Strong puts the boot to his throat until the ref counts to the break. Another chop from Strong. Near fall for Strong. Hale is grounded with a waist lock but gets back to his feet. Back elbow from Strong. Jumping knee. Strong applies a submission hold to the weakened Hale and he quickly taps.

The winner of this contest: Roderick Strong

Malcolm Bivens: “Diamond Mine is open for business, and this is just the beginning baby!” Cameron Grimes is headed to the ring as we head to a break.

Cameron Grimes vs. Ari Sterling

Grimes is yelling “kiss my grits” before he even gets in the ring, and yells it again before he gives Sterling a chop. Sterling sweeps Grimes off the apron and hits a springboard moonsault to the floor to take him down. Barrett reminds us that Sterling has been a stand out on 205 Live. Sterling gets a two count on Grimes right after. Stomps to Grimes in the corner. Forearm to Grimes. Chop. Grimes with a knee to the body and a few forearms of his own. He goes for a scoop slam but Sterling escapes and kicks him in the head. Sterling misses a move and Grimes hits the Cave In right back to get the three count.

The winner of this contest: Cameron Grimes

LA Knight: “Yay! Cameron Grimes wins. Yayyy! And nobody gave a damn! You gotta realize something brother. I see a natural born loser because at my coronation, as I came out here to grab Ted DiBiase.” The NeXTras chant “YOU SUCK” and Grimes says he agrees with them. “How about this? Next week, I take that bling from you.” Knight: “Yeah? Yeah?! Yeah?!! You want this title? You want to fight me for it? Next week I’ll tell you what then, me, you, Great American Bash — nah nah! Because you don’t deserve it. Actually you know what I do have something for you. This title wields a lot of power but there is one piece missing to the puzzle. I’m way beyond the Million Dollar Man, I’m the Million Dollar Mega Star LA Knight. If you’re so hot to get this, so hot to get me, at Great American Bash next week, me, you, this title on the line, but if you lose and you most certainly will, you become my butler.” Grimes: “I ain’t got no problem being a butler, because at the Bash I’m leaving a champion, and I’m going TO, THE, MOON.” Kyle O’Reilly is headed to the ring as we go to commercial.

Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae interrupt an interview where McKenzie Mitchell is talking to Zoey Stark & Io Shirai. Candice LeRae: “I would watch my back if I were you Zoey. Io Shirai tends to be a sore loser.” Shirai: “Candice, you have never beaten me. Next week, we become champions.”

Cool Kyle is headed to the ring

Kyle O’Reilly signals for a flunkie to hand him a mic. “This whole journey for me has been about testing myself against the best competition the industry has. I want to fight guys who make me a better fighter and that’s what next week is all about — Cole O’Reilly 2. After getting my hand raised I proved not only do I belong in the main event but I could one day be NXT champion. Adam Cole refuses to see this. It’s just one excuse after another with this guy. Cole why don’t you come down here and give us one more excuse, the same one you’ll give after I whip your ass at the Great American Bash?”

Adam Cole walks down to the ring with a mic in his right hand, but before he gets halfway down the ramp Samoa Joe’s music hits and he too has a mic. “Gentlemen! Please excuse my poorly timed interruption. With respect to both of your personal safety, I took it upon myself to come out here and ensure that none of the nasty events of last week would happen this week. So gentlemen, have at it.” Cole: “Before I was interrupted I was about to say Kyle, you’ve made it crystal clear you wish you could be in my shoes. Guess what? It ain’t going to happen. Kyle, you’re obsessed with me, and honestly it creeps me out a little bit.” O’Reilly: “Let’s unpack that a bit. I beat you, I put you in the hospital, and when you come back after six weeks you pick a fight with me at every turn.” Cole: “Kyle O’Reilly is nothing without Adam Cole. Nobody would be talking about you if it wasn’t for me. When you go back and watch all that footage who do you see standing beside you? You see me. The guy solely responsible for every single ounce of success you’ve had. I carried you on my back for nearly four years and guess what O’Reilly? I am still the star! The entire world knows it, that locker room they know it, whether he wants to admit it or not Samoa Joe knows it. Hell, even your wife knows it.” O’Reilly: “Don’t you ever mention my wife again. I am ashamed that I ever associated myself with you and that it took me this long to realize with a pathetic piece of human...” Cole knocks the mic out of his hands and Joe gets between them. “Gentlemen! Not now!” Cole ignores him and harges O’Reilly, O’Reilly puts Cole in an ankle lock, and Joe just lets him do it. Cole: “Joe! Joe get him off me!” Samoa Joe walks away, waits a few seconds, and finally sends the blackshirts in the ring. O’Reilly quickly lets go and paces around the ring. “What now Cole?” Tian Sha video package as we go to a commercial break.

That charging battery is now up to 71%. Hit Row is backstage pumping up Swerve for his North American title shot. Top Dolla: “Let’s get this money and let’s get out of here.” Swerve: “Bronson Reed, tonight you’re going to find out why Swerve, is different.”

Xia Li & Boa vs. Mercedes Martinez & Jake Atlas

Atlas enters first followed by Martinez. They bump fists before Boa and Li arrive. All four of them start brawling right at the bell. The women are told to step out by the ref and Boa goes one on one with Atlas. Atlas grounds Boa for a near fall. Li tags in so Martinez has to as well, and Martinez takes a kick to the jaw. Li whips her to the corner and charges in for a flying forearm. Stomps in the corner. Martinez gets back to her feet but Li puts her down with another strike and goes for a suplex. Martinez fights off the attempt and gets a roll up for one. Back body drop and Li rolls outside to recover as Martinez yells at Mei Ying, watching at the top of the ramp on her throne. Commercial!

Atlas tosses Boa over the ropes and tags in Martinez right as we come back, and she’s in control of Xia Li again. Li is set on the top rope to eat some haymakers, and Martinez applies the underhooks and suplexes her off with authority. Boa breaks up the pinfall and Martinez dares him to do something. He swings and misses, Boa gets back in the ring, and they double team Boa. Martinez knocks Li down again and looks back over her shoulder at Ying. She gets out of the ring and dares Ying to get off her throne, and Li decks her from behind and throws Martinez back in. Li hits a suplex and a spinning roundhouse kick. Martinez gets her shoulder up just before the three count. The referee calls for the bell and the camera is suspiciously off Martinez as she does so. This COULD be a worked concussion, but again the fact they wouldn’t show the referee or medical people attending to her makes me think that spinning roundhouse kick went horribly wrong.

Winner by referee stoppage: Xia Li & Boa

Bronson Reed is working out backstage before we go to a break.

Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa face off with MSK

All four men carry steel chairs down to the ring. They all unfold the chairs and sit down in the ring like gentlemen... for the moment. Ciampa: “You want to know what the difference between y’all and us is? We make this look good. But it’s okay. Y’all sit in your chairs with your NXT titles, because next week, the champs are indeed the underdogs. Double T here has never held gold in NXT, and this man is hungry. I know Toothless Timmy is not a man of many words, but look at him. I mean really, take a look at him. This man is motivated. And there ain’t a man alive who elevates a title the way Tommaso Ciampa elevates a title.” Thatcher: “Hey! Show the man respect! Let him finish!” Wes Lee: “No! You listen!” All four toss their chairs aside. Carter: “It’s time for you and everybody else to put some respect on our names. We may be the young guns, but we’re here to remind you that you are the challengers.” Lee: “And next week you’ll find out why MSK are the tag, team, champions.” Carter:” I don’t think they heard us.” He throws a slap. Ciampa holds Thatcher back. Ciampa: “Next week, at the Great American Bash, I want you to bring your pride and your titles. We’re taking them both. This week you got a free one. Next week you won’t be so lucky.” MSK hold up the title belts and the segment ends. Commercial!

Regal confirms the Grimes vs. Knight match next week in an interview with McKenzie Mitchell, and she wants his thoughts on the Breakout Tournament. He says the winner will go on to face the champion of their choosing. Sarray interrupts and says she wants a match with Toni Storm. He says he’ll take it under consideration. Commercial!

Gargano and Theory didn’t really leave after all. They tried to attack Karrion Kross as he got into his car. Kross recovered and locked Gargano in the Kross Jacket, daring him to “say something funny” now. After he slumps to the ground and leaves in his car with Scarlett, Joe pulls Gargano up by the collar and says “perhaps” he pushed Kross too far tonight. The announcers recap the card for next week before our main event.

Bronson Reed (champ) vs. Isaiah Scott (North American title match)

Hit Row’s music plays and they flank Scott on his way to the ring. The lights go down after Reed’s entrance for the big match intro and the title belt being held aloft by the referee. He calls for the bell with just over 10 minutes left on the scheduled broadcast... so expect an over run. Reed overpowers Scott on his first lock up attempt. They tie up again and Scott goes behind to slap him in the back of the head. Third try and Scott goes to wring the left arm. Reed scoops him up but Scott lands on his feet and goes behind. Reed breaks the grip and puts Scott in a head lock. Scott goes down to one knee, then to his back, but he can’t escape. He tries to shoot Reed off the ropes and is knocked down by a shoulder tackle. Reed stomps on his face for good measure. Scott goes for a triangle choke but Reed lifts him into the air, lets him go, and Scott bounces off Reed like a pinball. Elevated press and Scott is dropped face first. Hit Row try to encourage him. Reed posts Scott in the corner for a chop and Scott rolls away in pain. Scott throws one in return and Reed responds with a big headbutt. Punch in the corner. Whip to the opposite corner. Scott bounces chest first off the turnbuckle and crawls away. He kicks Reed off but Reed yanks Scott off the ropes for a short space splash, or as Vic Joseph calls it “an old fashioned squish.” The two men battle on the ring apron and Reed hits another headbutt, daring Scott to get back up. Scott throws a chop block to the knee, more kicks to the leg, and he goes for a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor, but Reed just SITS on him as we go to a commercial.

Scott actually manages a rope assisted German suplex for a near fall after we come back from the break. We have two minutes left on the official broadcast as Swerve tries to work over the right arm from behind. Reed shrugs him off. Scott charges and goes for a flatliner for another near fall. Reed sells that he’s dazed, rolling his eyes back up into his head. All of the NeXTras are chanting for this match. Scott throws a slap and Reed responds with a clothesline. Swerve hits a dropkick in response. He charges and Reed picks him up for a fireman’s carry and plant Swerve on his head. Both men are down selling as we enter the overrun. Reed gets up throwing furious chops. He winds up for a big forearm to knock Swerve down and roars. Big charge to the corner. Belly knockdown and senton sets up for the Tsunami. Hit Row’s Adonis yank Reed off the apron before he can go up to hit it. Reed throws Top Dolla through the plexiglass and Adonis on top of him in response. Scott hits a dropkick to the head as Reed tries to get back in the ring and follows with a 450 and pin!

Your winner and new North American champion: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

That’s it for NXT tonight!

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