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Eddie doesn’t speak for all of AEW, and one chick isn’t afraid of being on Jericho’s list

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Over the weekend, a pair of AEW stars made headlines with (mostly) indirect comments about their counterparts on the WWE roster.

Kind of like physics, these things have a way of generating an equal-ish and opposite reaction. Call it Isaac Yankem’s Third Law of Wrestling.

For Chris Jericho’s thinly veiled threats against a pair of WWE women who were actually making fun of the Blood & Guts production not him, Shotzi Blackheart made it clear she wouldn’t be cowed. After Jericho’s quote made the rounds, NXT’s tank-driving chick retweeted the GIF that offended Le Champeon in the first place.

Shotzi Blackheart’s Twitter

Living the punk rock gimmick, sincerely telling Jericho what he can do with his “List”, or both? Not sure, just loves me some Shotzi.

With regards to Eddie Kingston’s worked-shoot pep talk for the AEW locker room and fanbase, the dissenting voice came from his own “team”. If MJF isn’t going to break character for internet etiquette, he’s sure as hell not gonna break character for Eddie’s Coach Taylor impression:

Some day, Max is going to sign with WWE just to piss us off. And it’ll be glorious.

A more serious retort will probably come, from Triple H, or Drew McIntyre, or maybe even Roman Reigns. Until it does, and even after we have it to chew on, remember this is all in the game.

If most of the wrestlers can have fun with it, we should too.