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If Cardi B is the host of SummerSlam, she won’t be taking any bumps

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We know this because of the baby bump she revealed at last night’s BET Awards.

WWE’s been trying to do some business with chart-topping rapper and pop culture icon Cardi B for a while now.

The stars seem to be aligning to make Nick Khan’s dream come true. With the return of live fans to shows and coming off a couple days worth of trending topics earlier this year when Cardi tweeted a response to being name-dropped on Raw, then was seemingly worked into a shoot with Lacey Evans, reports the “Bodack Yellow” songstress could be hosting SummerSlam this August sounded realistic.

But if Bacardi will be following her F9 cameo with a WWE guest-starring role, don’t expect her to follow in Pete Rose, John Stewart, Snooki, or Logan Paul’s footsteps. Because at The BET Awards last night (June 27), Cardi revealed she’s expected her second child.

She did so in very Cardi fashion, appearing during Migos set in a sheer, sequined number that showed off her baby bump as she performed her feature beside husband Offset on “Type Shit”.

Based on what we could see there and in this follow-up Instagram post...

... it looks like her second child with Offset will be here before we know it. Quick enough that she won’t even be able to appear in Las Vegas on Sat., Aug. 21?

We shall see. And congrats to Cardi & Offset (and to three year old Kulture on her impending big sister status)!