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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 28, 2021): Last chance Money in the Bank qualifier

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 28, 2021) from the ThunderDome at Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in Fort Worth, Texas.

Advertised for tonight: Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles in a last chance Money in the Bank qualifier, Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker in a Strap match, Kofi Kingston confronts MVP, Rhea Ripley & Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte Flair & Natalya & Tamina Snuka in a six-woman tag match, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


I can really safely say I’m glad you’re still alive, one thing they can’t take away is your will to survive. I don’t, I won’t believe it! I don’t, I won’t believe it! They say I could not be found, but here I am, liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you folks again after a little weekend break for some very successful surgery. Let’s go!

The show opens with a bunch of folks in the ring for a battle royal.

We cut to five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville in Gorilla, explaining that Randy Orton can’t compete tonight, so the winner of the battle royal will earn his spot in the Money in the Bank last chance triple threat.

Matt Riddle rolls up with a note from Randy claiming that he is the coolest, most bodacious bro Orton could ask for and he’d be honored if he would fight on his behalf tonight. Adam points out that the note was clearly written by Riddle, Matt protests how unfair it is to take this opportunity from his friend and offers to enter the battle royal as Orton, and if he wins both matches, Randy gets into the ladder match.

The WWE officials agree and Riddle rushes to the ring!

Money in the Bank Last Chance Triple Threat Qualifying Battle Royal

Battle royal chaos to start, Drew Gulak eliminated early by Shelton Benjamin, Humerto Carrillo brawling with Damian Priest, Shelton gets dumped by Jinder Mahal! Akira Tozawa in the ropes, Angel Garza gets low-bridged but lands on one foot and skips around the ring and back up to avoid elimination!

Putting Mansoor over the ropes but Mustafa Ali saves him and eliminates Garza! Ali doesn’t like Mansoor’s lack of appreciation and they end up brawling and Mansoor is eliminated! Jeff Hardy getting into it with Ivar, Riddle blocks an elimination by Mahal! Jinder takes out Akira Tozawa and Gulak strikes on the floor...

Drew Gulak wins the WWE 24/7 Championship!

R-Truth comes around with the Lie Detector...

R-Truth wins the WWE 24/7 Championship!

Akira Tozawa with a cannonball off the apron...

Akira Tozawa wins the WWE 24/7 Championship!

Tozawa runs off through the crowd and Omos makes his entrance, eliminating Viking Raiders with a little bit of help from Jinder Mahal! Drawing Erik up and throwing him into the barricade, and he puts Ivar into the LED ring skirt to send us to break!

Back from commercial, the match is down to Riddle, Mahal, Priest, Hardy, and Cedric Alexander. Desultory brawling, Damian and Jinder getting into it, and a kick eliminates the Maharaja! The Archer of Infamy brawling with the Charismatic Enigma, Manhattan Drop to the leg drop to the basement dropkick to the elbow drop on Alexander, Twists of Fate on Riddle and Priest! Cedric ducks under a Twist of Fate and dumps Jeff to the floor!

Jawing at Hardy, wasting time, Damian takes his legs out from under him, Hit the Lights, eliminated! Down to long-time friends Priest and Riddle (Fun fact, before Matt went to Evolve he was in talks to debut for Ring of Honor as part of a trio with Priest and... QT Marshall. Strange but true!), trading strikes, Matt with a German suplex!

Charging forearms, Damian takes him out with the Shinjiro Ohtani spinning wheel kick! Riddle floats over, sleeper hold applied, Priest gets him on the apron but Deep Waters gets to his feet and gets the sleeper locked back on! Damian peels his arm off and hosses him back in but Riddle slips out, Priest with a big lariat to lay him out!

Cross armbar in the ropes gets Priest on the apron, Riddle rolls back in, knee lift, catch a roundhouse, Damian gets the goozle but Matt cracks him one, big knee lift...

Matt Riddle wins, last eliminating Damian Priest to earn a spot in the Money in the Bank Last Chance Qualifying match later tonight.

A recap of Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler follows.

Shayna is backstage shuffling a deck of cards when Nia Jax and Reginald roll up.

Nia asks if she’s getting ready to do magic and Baszler says it centers her, and after she gives Nikki Cross a hard dose of reality, she’ll send Alexa to meet her stupid doll, on a permanent time out.

They walk away and we see Alexa sitting in the background.

Cut elsewhere backstage to see Jaxson Ryker whipping a road case with a leather strap like a real goof, to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of the events of the battle royal.

AJ Styles and Omos are interviewed backstage.

Styles says usually when you’re supposed to be somewhere and you’re not (cough) Randy Orton (cough) you lose that opportunity, and it should be him and Drew McIntyre in a singles tonight. But his chances of winning have gone down drastically now, and Omos will have to work harder to have his back.

They deny any intention of eliminating the Viking Raiders in our opening match, and we roll footage of AJ’s defeat last week. He wants an apology from the interviewer for being a hypocrite and giving Omos grief for doing the same thing to the Viking Raiders that they did last week, and Styles says Riddle’s double duty and McIntyre being banged up from facing Bobby Lashley will give him the advantage.

He’s going to win tonight, win Money in the Bank, and plan his cash-in out for an entire year to maximize his chances of winning, all while he and Omos defend the tag titles against anyone and everyone.

Cut to Nikki Cross warming up in Gorilla.

Lucha Raiders roll up and fist bump her and wish her luck before an interview rolls up.

She says she’s an aspiring hero and everyone has the feeling that, deep in their heart, they can do and be better. And now she’s qualified for Money in the Bank, and imagine what an inspiration she could be as Raw Women’s Champion! But for now, she’s focused on her match against Shayna Baszler, and renames herself Nikki Ash— Almost (a) Super Hero.

But when she makes her entrance to send us to break, all her graphics still read Cross so who knows.

Nikki Cross vs. Shayna Baszler

Mat grappling to start, Baszler looking for an early pin, Cross gets out and to a side headlock, off the ropes, drop down, crossbody for two! Side headlock, Shayna with a back suplex, big body slam, water wheel slam, cover for two! Hard whip into the turnbuckles, fireman’s carry, Nikki slips out, shoved into the corner, duck under a knee strike and Baszler comes up lame!

Dropkick sends her through the ropes, Reginald and Nia Jax check on her on the floor and Alexa Bliss makes her entrance. Cross takes advantage of the distraction, big crossbody and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Baszler is in control, Cross fights back, whip reversed, up and over, leg kick takes her off her feet and a kneel drops her to the mat for a nearfall! Karelin facebuster, setting Nikki up top, where she hits a tornado DDT to start getting herself back into the fight!

Bliss takes Jax and Reggie out with kicks and leaves the ringside area while Shayna draws herself up the ropes. Cross from behind, schoolboy for two! Baszler lays her out with a lariat, Karelin lift blocked, Nikki with a back roll, off the ropes, La Mistica into La Casita... THAT’S IT!

Nikki Cross wins by pinfall with La Casita.

We get a recap of Bobby Lashley vs. Xavier Woods in Hell in a Cell from last week.

Kofi Kingston makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get another recap of our opening match.

Kofi Kingston gets on the mic.

He says he’s not even sure how last week has effected him yet, hearing his brother, Xavier Woods, screaming in pain locked in the cell while he was outside and couldn’t do anything for him. Woods came to the ring to have his back and he couldn’t help him. Everybody thinks Xavier isn’t up to his or E’s level, but against Lashley he showed the world what kind of competitor he is and it’s time for everybody to start putting respect on his name.

Bobby won the match fair and square, but what happened after the match was not okay. MVP locked the door to the cell, dangling the key in front of his face while Lashley put Woods in the Hurt Lock and grated his face into the steel, and he can’t get the pain on Xavier’s face out of his head.

But what he does know is he’ll make Lashley pay when he takes everything from him at Money in the Bank and becomes the new WWE Champion.

Enter Montel Vontavious Porter, flanked by the girls in the entourage.

He apologizes and says he thought he heard Kofi say he’s gonna beat Lashley at Money in the Bank and become WWE Champion? That’s one of the most ridiculous things he’s ever heard Kingston say, and with the Booty-Os and pancakes he says some ridiculous things. But to be frank, they’re looking forward to being in front of a live audience at Money in the Bank and they’re already looking past Kofi.

He’s a feelgood story, yay David and Goliath, all that stuff, but he’s no threat to the All Mighty, and he wants Kofi to know he enjoyed every second of beating Woods up and what Brock Lesnar did to him will look like child’s play after Bob is done with him.

Kingston says he thinks Bobby is getting soft, and he’s beaten him, and he knows he can beat him again. Every week, a layer of the All Mighty is stripped away, and by Money in the Bank he might look like MVP, running around in overpriced suits, hobbling and desperately trying to grasp onto some semblance of success.

MVP takes issue with that, Kofi fires back that he took the title all around the world to show kids that anything is possible, and that’s the kind of champion he was. Porter has Bobby taking vacations in the middle of his title reign? Got him distracted hanging around all these women, taking his eye off the prize, and that means somebody’s gonna take that prize away.

MVP asks about him taking the title back to Ghana, if feeding his ego is working hard? No, he wants to make something clear. He respects Kofi’s optimism but he’s got no more chance at beating Lashley than Woods does of being back next week. Kingston says Xavier will be back, unlike MVP, who’s been milking a knee injury for six months.

Montel disputes this and says if he was cleared, he’d hit that ring and whoop Kofi’s ass right now. Kingston leaves the ring, ducks under a right hand... TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Kingston verbally unloads on him, telling him he wasn’t hurt before, but he’s hurt now!

We get a recap of Eva Marie and Doudrop losing their match last week.

They’re walking backstage and run into an interview. Eva says Doudrop was overwhelmed and made a rookie mistake, but we all make mistakes, so that’s why she asked for a rematch. She’ll win and the Eva-lution will continue.

Asuka makes her entrance to send us to break.

Asuka & Naomi vs. Doudrop & Eva Marie

Doudrop and Naomi to start, collar and elbow, into the corner, clean break and Naomi comes at her with a roundhouse kick and a bulldog headlock springboarded into a sunset flip attempt. No good, nobody home on a senton, tag to Asuka! Asuka off the top, missile dropkick takes Piper off her feet!

Hip attack in the corner, waistlock denied, she tags Doudrop with a roundhouse kick! Shoulder block gets nowhere, shove into the corner, body avalanche, scoop lift, Asuka flots into the Asuka Lock in the middle of the ring! Doudrop fights out of it, crawling for the tag but Eva Marie pops herself off the apron!

Asuka goes for a schoolboy, doesn’t get it, Piper with a senton, a pounce for Naomi, off the ropes...

Doudrop & Eva Marie win by pinfall with a low crossbody from Doudrop on Asuka.

Post-match, Eva Marie announces herself as the winner of the match.

John Morrison is wheeling the Miz around backstage when they run into an interview.

They talk about Morrison winning Money in the Bank and how Miz is his master strategist.

At some point Ricochet stole the mic and took over from the interviewer. He’s got the Drip Stick and Morrison freaks out and gets splashed. Ricky holds Miz up and soaks him before running off!

Ricochet makes his entrance to send us to break.

John Morrison vs. Ricochet

Circling, Ricochet with probing kicks, backed into the corner, back elbows from Morrison, boot up in the corner. Roll under, Ricochet ducking kicks, body blows, body slam into an elbow drop, cover for two! Leg pick, low mule kick, top wristlock applied. Front chancery, neckbreaker blocked, dropkick sends John to the floor!

Ricky off the ropes, basement dropkick, Miz wheels his way between him and Morrison but Ricochet steps up off the Miz for a Frankensteiner! Yanking a Drip Stick out of the A-Lister’s hands, Ricky soaks him and snaps it over his knee to send us to break!

Back from commercial, trading strikes, Ricochet off the ropes with an elbow, short-arm into a California Roll, sliding lariat... NOPE! Morrison with a sliding knee for a nearfall of his own, nobody home on Starship Pain! Ricochet with a crossbody off the top and over the barricade, both men down and out as referee Eddie Orengo counts!

Ricochet over the barricade at nine but he can’t make it any further...

The match goes to a double countout draw.

Charlotte Flair is in Gorilla talking to Natalya and Tamina about how only they understand the pressures of holding up a family legacy, unlike their opponents tonight. Tamina talks about wanting to give Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose receipts, Charlotte is glad they’re on the same page, and entrances are made as we go to break.

The babyface team get an inset promo where they talk about how they’re going to win, which in turn gets cut off by wild brawling before the bell! The brawl ends up inside the ring before the babyfaces stand tall and we go to break.

Charlotte Flair, Natalya, & Tamina vs. Rhea Ripley & Sexy Muscle Friends (Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose)

Back from commercial, the match is joined in progress. Rose with a knee, blocked, evade the Sharpshooter, tag to Brooke! Satellite headscissors, short-arm lariat for two! Whip reversed, back elbow, tag to Tamina! Dana tries to cut her off with a dropkick but all it does is get her a tag to Flair!

The heels drop Brooke on the floor, back inside, facebuster plants Dana and Charlotte taunts Ripley, beckoning her in with crotch chops! Heat segment rolls on, hot tag to Ripley! Working Flair over, she blocks a straight suplex and tags out to Neidhart. Schoolboy for two, roundhouse kick, tag to Mandy, cartwheel kicks!

The match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory, sunset flip from Mandy for two, O’Connor roll, nope, Nattie with the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, blocked, kick gets a boot from a legal Flair...

Charlotte Flair, Natalya, & Tamina win by pinfall with a big boot from Flair on Mandy Rose.

Post-match, Rhea chop blocks Flair and runs!

Backstage, Jaxson Ryker is flagellating himself with a leather strap when Akira Tozawa runs past him.

R-Truth follows and stops to ask Ryker if he’s unhappy with himself and if he wants to talk. Jaxson says he’s preparing himself for battle, because tonight he and Elias will be bound together, nowhere to retreat or to hide. He’s purging himself of weakness to inflict maximum pain on his opponent.

Truth thanks him for sharing and asks if he can borrow the strap when he’s done to lasso Tozawa. He gets no answer and leaves.

Elias makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Elias gets an inset promo where he says that Jaxson Ryker turned his back on his light but he’s going to compose a master symphony of destruction on him.

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker (Strap Match)

Elias hard out the gates, putting Ryker into the corner and hammering him with punches and knees! Stomping away, action to the floor, hanging Jaxsonn by the strap and pummeling him with body blows! Slipping his hand out of the strap, Elias whips him with the free end of it but Ryker gets a boot up and pulls him into the ringpost!

Back inside, onto the apron, whipping the Drifter with the strap now, double axehandle, fist drop with the strap, Ryker goes up top but gets cut off with the big knee... NOT ENOUGH! Whipping him hard, grabbing his face to whisper gently in his ear, but Jaxson reverses with knees and whips him in return!

Strap-assisted whips into the corner, pulling him in...

Jaxson Ryker wins by pinfall with a Bossman Slam.

Matt Riddle is warming up for the main event tonight when Damian Priest comes by to wish him luck.

A very serious Riddle turns and says he’s Randy Orton and asks what he wants. Priest says if he sees Riddle, let him know Burger King has the new Ch’king sandwiches and he wants to go get some with his pal. Matt breaks and Damian says helping a friend is cool but it’s Randy that’s lucky to have Riddle as a friend.

Priest leaves and Riddle gets back into character by reciting Orton’s nicknames and posing as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage.

He tells another story about a battle in Scottish history where they beat the English two to one before getting into it with the Irish and Brian Boru went through Scotsman after Scotsman until he was face to face with Drew, he kicked Sheamus on his arse, and the climax was he saved Christmas.

The question is ridiculous, the whole scenario is ridiculous, and the truth is he’s gonna slap Riddle around, kick AJ’s head off his shoulders, and then win Money in the Bank.

We get entrances for our main event and go to break.

AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Riddle (Money in the Bank Last Chance Qualifying Match)

McIntyre with a boot to Riddle before backing Styles into the corner, Matt comes at him, we get some even-handed in-and-out brawling. Drew lighting everybody up with belly-to-belly suplexes, prowling after AJ, charging in, Styles passes him to the floor! To the apron, a lariat takes the Phenomenal One off his feet and McIntyre clears the announce desk!

Riddle cuts Drew off, AJ puts him into the post, jockeying for position and Matt lays Styles out with a suplex on the floor! Riddle and Styles work together... MCINTYRE GETS POWERSLAMMED THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AND WE GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Riddle lays kicks in on Styles in the corner! AJ ducks under a Penalty Kick and follows that up with a dragon screw! DDT the leg, elbow drop to the knee into a toehold! Styles goes after McIntyre on the floor, back inside with a spinebuster to Riddle! Wrenching in a toehold, Matt gets the ropes but no breaks in a triple threat!

Stomping the knee, following it up with a brainbuster... RIDDLE KICKS OUT! Following it up, he hits Orton’s hanging DDT and goes to that special place! RKO blocked... BURNING HAMMER CAN’T KEEP RIDDLE DOWN FOR TWO! Drew back in it, putting AJ into the barricade and apron, back inside, ramming Matt into the corner and windmilling punches on him!

Whip across, back elbow, inverted Alabama Slam! Lying in wait, Riddle sidesteps and puts Drew to the floor! AJ with a sliding forearm on the floor, Riddle catches him with a triangle knee and then the Penalty Kick off the apron! One on McIntyre as well, Matt springboards... CORKSCREW ASAI MOONSAULT TAKES BOTH GUYS DOWN!

Riddle running roughshod with kicks on the floor but Styles sidesteps and he kicks the steel steps full-force, crumpling in agony! Matt complains that he thinks his foot is broken and referee Rod Zapata calls for medics! Trainers and referees rush down to help him up and to the back as Riddle protests that he’s fine and we go to break.

I get caught up putting laundry on the rack and my beautiful wife Josie has got you as the action comes back from break.

We come back from break to Drew and AJ with their antlers locked. Riddle is out with a hurt foot. Now the boys take turns kicking each other and tossing each other around.

Anyway, Styles trips McIntyre up face-first into the turnbuckles before hitting an Ushigoroshi... NO! Styles Rush, Drew hosses him up, Michinoku Driver... SO CLOSE! Chop block into the Calf Killer, it’s locked on! Riddle returns, ankle taped up and limping, and grabs a sleeper hold on AJ!

Phenomenal Forearm countered with a knee, RKO outta nowhere... OMOS PULLS AJ OUT OF THE RING! McIntyre is ready...

Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with a Claymore on Matt Riddle, earning a spot in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Drew poses in the turnbuckles.

That’s the show, folks.

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