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Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake were told they’d be fine after Jaxson Ryker’s dumb and bad tweet

Roughly one year ago, the Forgotten Sons’ very brief run on the WWE main roster was derailed by Jaxson Ryker’s dumb and bad tweet. His teammates, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler, quickly tried to distance themselves from Ryker’s unempathetic words.

After being removed from television for months, Ryker was brought over to Raw as an ally of Elias, while Blake and Cutler reappeared on SmackDown as henchmen for Baron Corbin. That happened around December 2020. Cutler was released roughly two months later, and Blake was fired two months after that.

During an interview with Wrestling Inc, Blake shared what he was told by WWE after Ryker’s dumb and bad tweet:

Of course when Ryker made the tweet, Steve and myself, we messaged him and just said, ‘Can you please take that tweet down?’ But he’s his own man. He said, ‘No, I will not. I will stand by that tweet.’ Well, me and Steve, we’re going to put out our own opinions and our own statements to kind of separate ourselves from you, which he understood.

And then Steve and myself, the very next day, we went in to the Performance Center to talk with creative and kind of make first the creative told us that we were going to lay low for two weeks, then we will kind of pick back up with us and New Day. They said, ‘We’re just gonna let this blow over for two weeks, and then we’ll kind of pick it back up.’ When we left there, we thought everything was still going to be A-okay.

But then, of course, a week later, we get a text saying that The New Day will be feuding with Shinsuke [Nakamura] and Cesaro, and so that’s when Steve and myself, we told Ryker, ‘Hey, we’re going to pitch ideas with us three, but we’re also gonna pitch ideas with just Steve and myself.’ That’s when we were off TV for a good while, and that’s when we didn’t find out till that December that Ryker got moved to Raw, and that we were staying on SmackDown.

Cutler offered his own side of the story in an interview with Fightful:

We reached out to the office and we went to the Performance Center where Smackdown was taping still at that time, so was Raw. So, Blake and I went in that next day...sat down with Mark Carrano. ‘Hey, you guys are good. Don’t worry about it. Everything’s going to be fine. Just give it a week. It’ll kind of blow over.’ Okay. But, we’ve seen this before. We know the way the company works. Alright, we’re just kind of getting the smoke blown up to us.

Everybody talked to us. Big E, Kofi, we just sat and we talked. They were like, ‘You guys are fine. Listen, it’s fine.’ It’s just the way things are type of thing. It’s a shitty situation. ‘Cause it’s just a different time in the world and it’s just shitty because we don’t want to be involved in it because it’s not our business. It’s our business to care for one another, but just keep your words to yourself at this time. Just stick to wrestling in that aspect...That’s where we were like, ‘Listen, this is how we distance ourselves. This is how we feel. This is us.’ Especially me in general, I wanted to distance myself as quick as possible because that’s just because not how I think.

...But, it’s just one of those things where it was off to the races, we were booked strong. (When we were called up) We were working with New Day, who is just so damn good. So damn entertaining. It was just so fun. It stinks the way it happened. But, you can’t really reflect on it now. I try not to look back on it so much. I’ve learned from it and now I know, if I’m in a team, everything you do or say reflects on everyone. Just like anything in any business, like NFL, NBA. How you act and how you reflect is going to reflect on everybody else.

Cutler and Blake were told they we would be fine. Of course that wasn’t the case. They were eventually fired, and WWE has incomprehensibly turned Jaxson Ryker into a babyface on Raw.

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