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Big E and Pat McAfee are incredible together

One of the low key great things on SmackDown in recent weeks has been Pat McAfee always rocking out to Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance. He puts the duo over huge each time just by having so much damn fun at the commentary table while they are doing their thing. McAfee even toasted Kingsuke this week by smashing two water bottles together just like Stone Cold Steve Austin typically does with his beers.

McAfee’s greatness extended into Talking Smack this week, where Big E was talking about his upcoming opportunity to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. McAfee used the word “if” to Big E’s chagrin, but that quickly changed when the two of them got lost together in the Power of Positivity:

The best part of all might just be when Big E asks Pat when will he step back into the wrestling ring, and he incorrectly calls Pat a Kicker. Big E and Pat remain in rhythm together while Pat clarifies that punting is different from kicking.

The whole thing is incredible.

Yeah, I’d say that Pat McAfee is working out just fine in his relatively new commentary gig with WWE.

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