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Killian Dain is angry and says WWE will regret releasing him

WWE released 14 wrestlers yesterday, with President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan rumored to be the main driver behind these decisions.

NXT star Killian Dain was one of the bigger names on the cut list.

He reacted to the news by issuing the following statement on Twitter, where he offered many thanks to key people, but concluded that WWE will regret this decision:

“I got the phone call today while I was at the WWE Performance Centre doing extra ring training. I’m gutted. I’m angry but I know its not personal.

I believe above all else you have to be as good a person as you can, always willing to adapt and learn. Stay open minded. Be a good employee, help newer talent at every opportunity and always be professional even when its hard to be.

I started this journey 17 years ago. When I first started it felt like a giant ladder was between me and the WWE. As the years went on I got to make that gap smaller and smaller as I met, trained and worked with wonderful people who helped me get to each next rung until I lived out my dreams.

Huge thanks to:

*Robbie Brookside who I cannot put into words how much he means to me as a human and as a coach but above all else helpe me realise I could make it this far. He has influenced me so much in the ring and out of it.

*William Regal who was brutally honest with me, encouraged me and put my matches and promos in front of the bosses.

*Fit Finlay who was my first idol in the business. Who I luckily had the chance to learn from.

*Johnny Moss who was the first real wrestler I met who demanded so much more from me.

*Shawn Michaels who was an incredible mentor and coach.

*Triple H who gave me the opportunity to live out my dreams and trusted me and let me shine in some crazy scenarios!

Also a massive, massive thanks to all the talented guys and girls who lace up their boots, to all the coaches at the PC, the agents, creative, everyone at TR, the referees who are most underrated, overworked and amazing people in the entire company, also the incredible production team and all the TV and road crew and finally security who make this circus come to life every week.

Finally thanks to my amazing wife who has supported me for the last 13 years through all the highs and lows. To many more years and many more highs and lows!

While I know this wasn’t personal, that chip is back on my shoulder and you will regret letting me back in the world. I’m only 36. I love what I do. I believe I’m entering my prime and I cannot wait to show you what you missed.

See you in 90 days.”

Nikki Cross reacted to her husband’s release by sticking by her man and saying she can’t wait to watch him thrive:

“The whole world is waiting for you my love. I have seen your talent, your experience, your versatility, your work, your passion, your dedication, And your heart, first hand and up close. I have the best seat in the house. I can’t wait to watch you unleashed. My man”

Now that Dain has been fired, that leaves Cross as the only remaining member of Sanity on the WWE roster.

Do you think WWE will regret releasing Killian Dain?