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WWE reportedly fires writer who claimed she wasn’t required to know anything about wrestling

Earlier this week, a relatively new WWE writer named Kenice Mobley claimed that she wasn’t required to know anything about wrestling in order to get hired by WWE. She then acted like she didn’t know the name of current WWE champion Bobby Lashley.

Sean Ross Sapp now says that she has been fired by WWE:

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said there was heat on Mobley as a result of the aforementioned interview, which made WWE look stupid:

This turned into a fairly big thing, heavily talked about on social media but also noted among those on the inside. Mobley was also under the gun for speaking publicly on subjects that WWE doesn’t want stuff talked about. One person very close to the situation noted the negative reaction to this and said that she is not the only one in this situation, and actually this is typical of many of the writers. But where they were embarrassed by this is that by going public, it makes WWE to the outside world look “blindingly stupid.”

It would appear that WWE was indeed embarrassed by Mobley’s interview, because now she has reportedly been fired by the company.

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