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MLW signs former NXT prospect

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Round 6 of MLW’s open draft gimmick announced the signing of a former NXT prospect. EJ Nduka will debut at MLW’s return on July 10 in Philadelphia.

Alicia Atout interviewed the man formerly known as Ezra Judge in NXT. Nduka will be a regulator and equalizer when he shows up and shows out. The Judge’s moniker is, “I can, I must, I will.” Expect raw power, agility, and explosion.

Nduka is an intriguing prospect. He stands 6’8” and 285 pounds. The Judge will definitely have an imposing look when towering over MLW’s other wrestlers. Mads Krugger is the only other man on the roster that is comparable in size. MLW’s profile lists the Blue Thunder Bomb as Nduka’s finisher.

The marque bout for the July 10 show is the Battle Riot. Spots for the 40-man Battle Riot rumble are filling up. Alexander Hammerstone, King Muertes, Richard Holliday, Zenshi, and Lee Moriarty were previously announced to participant. Other names added to the contest this week are TJP, Gringo Loco, Kevin Ku, Arez, Mads Krugger, Gino Medina, Myron Reed, Savio Vega, and Calvin Tankman. The winner will be walking out with a shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

In addition to the Battle Riot match, Davey Richards will make his MLW in-ring debut versus TJP and Richard Holliday will defend the Caribbean Championship against Mil Muertes.

Atout also announced Bu Ku Dao as well as Contra Unit’s Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Daivari, and Ikuro Kwon scheduled for July 10. Others confirmed for the show include Dominic Garrini, Aramis, ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis, Alex Kane, King Mo, Tom Lawlor, Marshall Von Erich, Ross Von Erich, and Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto).

Battle Riot is sold out at full capacity, but tickets are up for sale for MLW’s return to Philadelphia for Fightland on October 2.

If you are hoping for sparks of love to fly between Atout and Holliday at Battle Riot, don’t hold your breath.

Are you excited to see what EJ Nduka has to offer in MLW?